XXVI Conference on Computer Methods in Materials Technology KomPlasTech 2019

The XXVI Conference on Computer Methods in Materials Technology KomPlasTech 2019 will be held in Zakopane from 13th to 16th January 2019. It is organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the  AGH University of Science and Technology

There is an increasing necessity to solve complex problems in numerical modelling of materials processing. Several new techniques dedicated to description of materials behaviour have been developed. Application of the multiscale analysis to joint modelling of phenomena occurring in different scales (macro, mezo, micro and nano) became effective. Thus, the objectives of the KomPlasTech Conference are to get together scientists and researchers working in the fields of computer methods and materials science and to enable exchange of information between those two groups.

Conference topics: 

  • new computational techniques for modelling in control,
  • numerical simulations of casting, semi-solid forming, thixoforming, metal forming and heat treatment,
  • umerical simulations of heat transfer, microstructure evolution, phase transformations, diffusion and prediction of products properties,
  • rheological models, application of the inverse analysis to identification of models parameters,
  • multiscale material models, based on cellular automata, molecular dynamic, Monte Carlo, etc.,
  • boundary conditions in modelling of processes in materials engineering
  • computer aided design of tools and technology in materials processing, new energy-saving and environment-protecting technologies,
  • applications of artificial intelligence and optimization techniques in materials science,
  • databases and knowledge bases in materials engineering,
  • digital materials and virtual processes,
  • development of computer systems for metallurgical and materials industry,
  • aspects of data analysis and safety in industry. 


13-16 January 2019 


AREIS Hotel in Zakopane  


AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science


Anna Smyk (e-mail: barana@agh.edu.pl, tel.: 48 12 617 48 76)