For many years now, the AGH University of Science and Technology has been a leader in the field of modern technologies since one of our aims is to create solutions for the future. Thanks to the implementation of innovative applications, in the course of the recent years the university has changed its face. It has resulted in a regularly-increasing number of students, as well as the new areas of scientific research projects. 


The university has an extensive infrastructure, modern teaching and scientific research facilities, suitable student accommodation, as well as really well-equipped sports facilities. The buildings owned by AGH UST, whose total floor space equals 350,000 square metres, are located within the area of the city ok Krakow (98%), Łukęcin, Krynica, Miękinia and Regulice.

Thanks to various investments, the research staff of AGH UST have gained additional space and research equipment, and students have gained a possibility to acquire knowledge in modern laboratories.

The largest campus in Poland! 38 hectares of land
AGH UST Student Campus – 7,500 beds, 20 student houses

Constantly modernised teaching and research facilities enable the university to educate students and conduct research at the highest, world level.

Modern and well-designed sports facilities enable students of our university to fulfil their sporting passions.


AGH UST also educates students in laboratories in Miękinia and Regulice.