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A middle-aged woman and an elderly man shaking hands. Both people hold green folders in their hands with a gold logo of the AGH UST. Behind them is a wall in a representative room with showcases displaying Rector’s insignia.

AGH UST expands cooperation with Microsoft

On December 5, 2022, the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Microsoft signed a letter of [...]


A group photo of the participants to the meeting, taken outside one of the university buildings.

AGH UST representatives at the General Assembly of the Magalhães Network

Between November 7 and 8, 2022, at the Tecnológico de Monterrey university in Mexico, the Magalhães Network [...]


Mission participants dressed in blue astronaut uniforms. The photo was taken in the hall of the Main Building on a large staircase.

DEMETER mission with the AGH UST students was launched

The first in Poland and the second in Europe, a completely female crew began an analogue space mission called [...]


Image with pictograms of heating devices and air circulation.

Recommendations for the AGH UST community regarding the rationalisation of energy consumption on campus

Wear warm clothes because the temperature in university rooms will not provide the expected comfort Do not use [...]


The photo was taken in the AGH UST Assembly Hall. Participants sitting in rows on chairs, including numerous people in military uniforms. At the lectern, Marcin Ociepa. Behind him, on two large screens, a presentation.

The AGH UST hosted a conference dedicated to national security threats

On November 29, 2022, the AGH UST hosted a conference dedicated to national security threats in the context of the [...]


Photo of the laureate. She holds a commemorative diploma in her hands and behind her is a POLSA promotional roll-up banner. Next to her, there are flags of Poland and the European Union.

AGH UST alumna received the POLSA President Award

Martyna Świerczyńska, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics graduate, received an award from the [...]


An enormous group of people wearing ceremonial togas throwing graduate caps in the air. The photo was taken inside the AGH UST Main Building.

AGH UST alumni celebrated graduation

On November 26, 2022, nearly 100 of AGH UST alumni who obtained the title of Master of Arts in 2022 celebrated [...]


Elegantly dressed people in a semi-circle. The laureates of the awards with the statuettes and diplomas.

Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Awards for the AGH UST

The AGH UST became the laureate of this year’s Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Award in the Engineering and [...]


[A fumy tunnel and a road. There is a bus with lights on in one of the lanes. In front of the vehicle, there are road cones. Far behind the bus, there are a few people.

We are safe in the longest non-urban tunnel in Poland

The AGH UST scientists participated in the design work related to state-of-the-art systems and solutions that had [...]


The photo shows the delegation at the Dominican Ministry of Energy and Mines. A group of elegantly dressed people in a semicircle posing for a photo.

AGH UST delegation visits the Dominican Republic

Between November 2 and 12, 2022, an AGH UST delegation went on a visit to the Dominican Republic with Professor [...]


A large hangar with a white airplane inside. A man working with one of the aircraft engines.

AGH UST-designed sensors to detect damage in aircraft composites

Scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology have been working on piezoelectric sensors for damage [...]


A colourful illustrative image that shows a network of scattered lines; a series of numbers in the background; on the left side of the image, there is a graphic shape of a key hole, the colours are blue, yellow, and white.

Cybersecurity Centre launches at the AGH UST

The AGH UST launches the new Cybersecurity Centre. In the emergent formula that replaces the old unit, the Centre [...]


A smiling man with glasses wearing a burgundy jacket and a black polo neck. The photo was taken in the main hall of the Main Building, with a pillared cloister and stairs in the background.

Equality Ombudsperson began his mission at the AGH UST

In November 2022, Artur Lesner, the AGH UST Equality Ombudsperson, joined our academic community. He will work to [...]


The photo shows a Martian landscape and a rover approaching a motionless astronaut dummy. The mechanical arm of the robot holds a blue water bottle.

Do we trust robots? AGH UST students’ investigation

How much do people trust robots? Do we have unlimited confidence in their reliability? In what circumstances do we [...]


A group of people in a circle. Three of them stand with their backs towards the camera with purple T-shirts with the “IT is ME” logo. They are conversing with two other people standing in front of them. Balloons and posters in the background.

Innovation + IT tools – laureates of the IT is ME competition

During the IT is ME Student Innovation Festival organised by the AGH UST, we selected the best innovative student [...]