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Let yourself make mistakes… at the AGH UST!

A man's face with glasses which reflect an inscription that says "WARNING".

Let yourself make mistakes… at the AGH UST!

Sometimes, a seemingly catastrophic mistake can bring about unexpected success! To err is human and part of the search. We wait for your mistakes at the AGH UST!

University is a place where people should experiment, encounter, and experience things. To make it happen, all we need is your bold ideas and our benign approach to mistakes. This is exactly what happens at the AGH UST. We value both successes and mistakes because the latter provide an opportunity to develop and thrive. We consider each and every student initiative, accept even the most phantasmagorical ideas, and break the pattern. All this to boost your talent and passion that will guide you through your life.

The Istotny błąd spot was made in the Branded Stories categories as part of the 9th edition of the Papaya Young Creators competition. The film received a special award presented by ATM System and won the first prize in the best stage design category.

Director and script: Bartłomiej Jakubiak
Photos: Marcin Rostkowski
Stage design: Aleksandra Kotulska, Kamila Bukańska