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Among its numerous responsibilities, the Senate:

  • Passes the Statute with the absolute majority of votes when at least half of statutory members are present
  • Passes the university strategy and endorses the execution report thereof
  • Passes the university mission
  • Appoints and dismisses the members of the University Council and elects the Chairperson of the University Council
  • Confers the title of Doctor Honoris Causa
  • Passes the rules and regulations at the university
  • Determines the conditions, mode, and date of the beginning and end of admissions
  • Determines the guidelines related to the development of fields of study
  • Determines study programmes for first- and second-cycle fields of study and postgraduate studies
  • Determines the manner of verifying learning outcomes
  • Determines the rules pertaining to foreign language learning at the university
  • Approves the design of diplomas
  • Performs tasks related to:
    • awarding Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) levels to qualifications conferred after graduating from postgraduate programmes,
    • introducing the qualifications conferred after graduating from postgraduate programmes and other forms of education to the “Integrated Qualifications System” (pursuant to the Integrated Qualifications System Act of 22 December 2015)
  • Determines the manner of conduct in cases related to conferring academic and research degrees
  • Determines the principles of selection processes for doctoral schools
  • Passes rules and regulations of doctoral schools
  • Determines study programmes in doctoral schools
  • Approves the design of doctoral and postdoctoral qualification diplomas
  • Appoints a committee to perform tasks related to the proceedings in matters of conferring the degree of doctor in a science field and discipline when no scientific Discipline Council has been created
  • Confers the degree of Doctor of Science
  • Appoints and dismisses disciplinary committees
  • Designates candidates for institutions representing the higher education and science communities
  • Endorses rules and regulations of the Academic Business Incubator and the Centre for Transfer of Technologies operating as university units
  • Consents to Rector’s motion to create or to accede to a special purpose vehicle as described in Articles 149-150 of the Act; consents to motions to create or to accede to a private limited company as described in Article 159 of the Act
  • Passes rules and regulations for managing copyrights and related rights, industrial property law, and principles of commercialisation
  • Passes rules and regulations related to the use of the research infrastructure
  • Adopts resolutions in other matters in the scope described in the Act or the Statute

The Senate passes judgements on matters determined in the Act and Statute. It might pass judgements in the form of resolutions in all matters relevant to the university. The Senate can appoint standing committees and regulate their functions. The members of such committees are Senate members. The Senate can also appoint temporary committees managing the preparation of the Senate’s stance on issues that go beyond the scope of operation of standing committees.

    The Senate comprises:

    • Rector as the Chairperson
    • Professors and associate professors employed at the university as their primary source of income, who constitute no less than 50% of the Senate members
    • Academic teachers employed at the university as their primary source of income in positions other than those determined in Section 2, who constitute no less than 20% of the Senate members
    • Non-academic staff who constitute no less than 5% of the Senate members
    • Students and doctoral students who constitute, in total, not less than 20% of the Senate members, one student for each faculty, and at least one doctoral student’s representative

    Senate Members for the 2020–2024 term of office

    Professor Jerzy Lis

    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management
    Associate Professor Marek Borowski
    Associate Professor Arkadiusz Kustra
    Dr Daniel Wałach
    Natalia Warzyńska (student)

    Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science
    Professor Agnieszka Kopia, Dean
    Professor Piotr Bała
    Professor Łukasz Madej
    Associate Professor Aneta Magdziarz
    Dr Piotr Kustra
    Michał Kowalski (student)

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering
    Associate Professor Ryszard Sroka, Dean
    Professor Piotr Augustyniak
    Professor Marcin Szpyrka
    Dr Tomasz Kryjak
    Przemysław Szewczak (student)

    Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics, and Telecommunications
    Professor Sławomir Gruszczyński, Dean
    Associate Professor Jerzy Domżał
    Professor Krzysztof Wincza
    Dr Krzysztof Wajda
    Wojciech Mościński (student)

    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
    Professor Tomasz Barszcz
    Associate Professor Andrzej Klepka
    Associate Professor Jarosław Konieczny
    Associate Professor Marek Sibielak
    Associate Professor Sławomir Zimowski
    Dr Adam Pilch
    Alex Stanieczek (student)

    Faculty of Geology, Geophysics, and Environmental Protection
    Associate Professor Ewa Adamiec
    Professor Ewa Kmiecik
    Associate Professor Adam Postawa
    Associate Professor Anna Sowiżdżał
    Dr Piotr Olchowy
    Magdalena Patuła (student)

    Faculty of Geo-Data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering
    Associate Professor Anna Barańska
    Associate Professor Tomasz Lipecki
    Associate Professor Edward Preweda
    Dr Edyta Puniach
    Jakub Pradel (student)

    Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics
    Professor Jan Deja
    Professor Elżbieta Pamuła
    Professor Bogusław Baś
    Professor Zbigniew Pędzich
    Dr Iwona Grelowska
    Gabriela Erazmus (student)


    Faculty of Foundry Engineering
    Associate Professor Marcin Górny, Dean
    Professor Dariusz Kopyciński
    Dr Karolina Kaczmarska
    Jakub Dobrzański (student)

    Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals
    Associate Professor Andrzej Mamala
    Dr Katarzyna Łyp-Wrońska
    Karol Czarny (student)

    Faculty of Drilling, Oil, and Gas
    Professor Jerzy Stopa
    Dr Tomasz Włodek
    Karol Luberda (student)

    Faculty of Management
    Associate Professor Natalia Iwaszczuk
    Associate Professor Joanna Kulczycka
    Dr Antoni Korcyl
    Aniela Kula (student)

    Faculty of Energy and Fuels
    Associate Professor Piotr Burmistrz
    Professor Konrad Świerczek
    Dr Bogdan Samojeden
    Krzysztof Obertyn (student)

    Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science
    Professor Piotr Bożek
    Professor Władysław Dąbrowski
    Associate Professor Łukasz Gondek
    Professor Janusz Toboła
    Dr Tomasz Fiutowski
    Jan Gottwald (student)

    Faculty of Applied Mathematics
    Associate Professor Paweł Przybyłowicz
    Dr Anna Pudełko
    Filip Płatek (student)

    Faculty of Humanities
    Associate Professor Barbara Gąciarz, Dean
    Dr Ewa Migaczewska
    Małgorzata Mikosz (student)

    Faculty of Computer Science

    Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology,
    other primary units, and the Main Library

    Professor Marek Przybylski
    Dorota Skrynicka-Knapczyk, MA

    Auxiliary units and the AGH University Doctoral School
    Radosław Serwicki, MSc
    Jacek Szopa, MA

    Representatives of employees who are not academic teachers
    Tomasz Bednarczyk, MSc
    Lidia Krawentek, MSc
    Wioletta Więcław, MSc

    Representative of doctoral students
    Mateusz Gala, MSc

    (as of October 24, 2023)