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University Council

Doctor Krzysztof Pawiński graduated from the AGH University of Krakow. He also studied at the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany. In 1996, he received a doctor’s degree in technical sciences from his Alma Mater. Currently, he chairs the University Council.

Since 1990, he has been running his own business. He is the co-founder, co-owner, and chairperson of the board of Maspex – one of the largest companies in the food and beverage industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The company employs more than 7,500 people, and its products are distributed throughout the world.

Annually, in several factories located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, Maspex produces 1.7 billion litres of juices, nectars, and beverages, 170,000 tons of pasta and instant products, and 135,000 tons of fruit jams and preserves. The company offers several dozen of leading-edge brands, including: Tymbark, Kubuś, Lubella, Łowicz, Krakus, Kotlin, Puchatek, Ekoland, DecoMorreno, Cremona, and Plusssz.

Maspex grows organically and through acquisitions; the company has successfully completed 19 acquisitions, including 11 abroad. In 2020, consolidated sales revenues exceeded 1 billion euros.

Maspex carries out numerous social programmes, including the sponsorship of the largest football tournament for primary school children in Europe “From the Backyard to the Stadium – the Tymbark Cup”.

Doctor Philippe J.S. De Brouwer is director of HSBC Krakow, Honorary Consul of Belgium in Krakow, and a guest lecturer at the AGH University, University of Warsaw, and the Cracow University of Economics. He is also a member of the scientific council of the International School of Krakow, as well as a member of the AGH University Council.

Doctor De Brouwer has taught a number of subjects, such as finance, behavioural economics, decision making, Big Data, bank management, structured finance, corporate banking, financial markets, financial instruments, team building, and leadership. One course that stands out is the one related to data and analytics. His main research interests include investment management and data analysis.

In 2016, when he joined HSBC Krakow, he established a Centre of Excellence in Risk Management in their service centre in Krakow. The team supervises all most important models used in the bank worldwide. Doctor De Brouwer is an ambitious director and has more than 20 years of experience in banking and asset management, he has held numerous executive-level positions and is currently director of HSBC Service Delivery Europe where he supervises diverse activities related to risk management (e.g., managing, models review, compliance with regulations). He specialises in team work, leadership, big data, analytics, risk management, and investment counselling.

In all his activities, he aims to connect communities for which he works and to contribute to establishing bonds between academic communities and the world of industry and diplomacy. His newest book, published in October 2020, is titled The big R-book: from data science to learning machines and big data.

Bogusław Ochab graduated from two AGH University faculties: the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Electronics (1983) and the Faculty of Mining (1990). Since 1983, he has been associated with ZGH “Bolesław” (a mining and smelting complex) and since 1994 has served as its president.

Initially, his actions aimed to restructure and modernise the company; subsequently, he consolidated zinc producers in Poland and created a zinc group responsible for the production of nearly 7% of zinc on the European market. He is a meticulous and competent person with the necessary skills to lead a large company, and his ability to establish connections and maintain dialogue with various partners, including social ones, is unparalleled.

He is a member of the Scientific Council of Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice, the Chamber Council of the Economic Chamber of Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling in Katowice, and for more than a dozen years, until recently, he was Chairperson of the Division of the Polish Association of Mining Engineers and Technicians (SITG).

Bogusław Ochab was also one of the chief initiators of the Gas and Electricity Consumers Forum (FOEEiG), an entity that represents the largest Polish energy-consuming companies and one that actively works to provide lower energy prices for Polish entrepreneurs, increasing their competitiveness in markets worldwide.

The indisputable achievement of Bogusław Ochab was his actions during the process of recovering the financial situation of the Huta Cynku ‘Miasteczko Śląskie’ SA company. As a consequence, it has reclaimed accounting liquidity and is now a dynamically operating entity with a stable position in the market, which continuously searches for new and innovative solutions in terms of production and product offer expansion.

During his working life, he has been given numerous awards and decorations. He is a co-creator of a number of patents, which later found practical applications and their use brings measurable benefits. Currently, he is the chairperson of the Economic Chamber of Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling in Katowice, an organisation congregating the largest companies in the non-ferrous metals industry. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Economic Chamber of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice.

Professor Zbigniew Kąkol has been associated with the AGH University since 1972, when he began his studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Electronics, where, in 1977, he received a master of science degree in the field of solid-state physics technology. Even before graduation (in his fourth year), in 1976, he was employed at the university. In 1985, he received a doctor’s degree in the field of physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Jagiellonian University; in 1995, he obtained postdoctoral qualifications in the same field at the AGH University Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Technology. In 2002, he was conferred the title of professor in the field of physics. In the years 1976-1991, he worked at the Faculty of Metallurgy and subsequently at the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science of the AGH University. In the years 1988-1991, he also worked in the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University in the United States.

Professor Kąkol’s research interests encompass the magnetic properties of condensed matter and the physics of phase transitions. Initially, he focused on the relationship between rare-earth elements and transition metals, and subsequently on oxide-based materials, both magnetic and superconductive, and, in particular, on strongly correlated systems. At present, his research has expanded to include topological insulators.

Professor Kąkol authored more than 100 papers, cited more than 1100 times. He teaches classes in: General Physics, Solid-state Physics, Methods for computerisation of measurements, Numerical analysis of experimental data, Physical properties of strongly correlated electron systems.

Professor Zbigniew Kąkol is a promotor, propagator, and populariser of open education and Open Educational Resources. He authored the first online textbook in Poland, e-physics. It contains computer simulations of physical phenomena, which he himself created, that were also published in computer magazines. He initiated and took an active part in the translation into Polish of an open physics textbook from Rice University in the United States.

In the years 1999-2008, he served as vice-dean, and subsequently dean of the AGH University Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science. Subsequently, in the years 2008-2016, he held the position of, firstly, vice-rector for education and then for science. Currently, he is a member of the University Council, the Committee for Science Evaluation, and the AGH University Rector’s Committee for Evaluation. He is also a member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Program Council of the AGH University Centre of e-Learning and Innovative Education, the Presidium of the AGH University Alumni Association, and the Central Board of the Polish Physical Society.

His hobbies include computer science, jazz music, collecting minerals, fishkeeping, tennis, and skiing. He is the husband of Małgorzata and a proud father to Agata and Maciek, as well as a grandfather to Kuba, Kasia, Ela, and Kazik. His family is his greatest joy and his greatest ‘success’ in life.

Professor Kazimierz Wiatr was born on February 18, 1955, in Krakow. In 1980, he graduated from the AGH University Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics. In 1987, he received a doctor’s degree; in 1999, he obtained postdoctoral qualifications; and in 2002, he was conferred the title of professor.

He has been working at the AGH University since 1980, currently as a professor in the field of computer science and electronics and head of the Reconfigurable Computing Systems Team. He is also director of the AGH University Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET, and he chairs the Council of the PIONIER – Polish Optical Internet. He supervises the projects of the PL-Grid Polish Infrastructure for Supporting Computational Science in the European Research Space. Within the framework of the projects, the largest supercomputers in Poland were constructed, including CYFRONET’s Zeus and Prometheus, which were ranked multiple times among the first 100 supercomputers in the world.

Professor Wiatr is a specialist in the fields of computer process control, multiprocessor systems, programmable systems, reconfigurable computing systems, and hardware acceleration. He has been the leader of numerous research projects, including those within the framework of grants awarded by notable Polish research institutions. His works include the following books: Building a National Distributed e-Infrastructure – PL-Grid (Springer-Verlag) and Akceleracja obliczeń w systemach wizyjnych (WNT), more than 300 articles, papers, and patents. He serves as a reviewer in international journals. He accomplished more than 30 implementations related to computer control of technological lines and industrial robots, as well as the automation of measurement processes. He received numerous awards for his research and didactic work, including an award by the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Professor Wiatr was associated with the democratic dissident movement. He co-created an independent scouting movement. During martial law in Poland (1981-1983) and later, he worked in the governing body of the conspiratorial Scouting Movement of the Republic of Poland. For this activity, he had suffered at the hands of the communist regime. After 1989, he co-organised the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland and was its president. He is the Chancellor of the Chapter of the Honorary Cross of the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland.

His works include numerous articles and reports on the upbringing and situation of children and adolescents; he co-authored a report on the state of Polish families (1998) and a programme of the state’s pro-family policy (1999).

In 1990, for his activities in the interest of independence, he was decorated with the Knight’s Cross Order of Polonia Restituta, awarded by Ryszard Kaczorowski, the President in exile of the Republic of Poland.

He is president of the Tarnów Scientific Society, a member of the Polish Information Processing Society, EUROMICRO (The European Organisation for Information and Microelectronics), IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering), and IEEE – Computer Society.

He has been a Senator of the Polish Parliament for the VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X terms of office and is also a chairperson of the Senate Science, Education and Sports Committee.

He has a wife, three children, and six grandchildren.

Professor Magdalena Hasik is a full professor in the field of chemistry. For more than 30 years, she has been associated with the AGH University Faculty of Materials Engineering and Ceramics.

She has been a leader of national and international research projects, a member of the organisation committees for international scientific conferences, a member of the Faculty Team for Education Quality; she served as chairperson of the Committee for Awards and Decorations of the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Ceramics Council, a member of the Committee for Awards and Decorations of the Scientific Discipline Council for Chemical Sciences, and a member of the Rector’s Team for Awards and Decorations.

Professor Hasik authored / co-authored nearly 200 scientific publications, highly valued in the scientific community, which is represented in the number of citations in other researchers’ works. She has developed programmes of study and teaches classes to students from several AGH University faculties. For her didactic achievements, she was awarded the Medal of the Commission of National Education.

Daniel Jankowski was born on February 15, 1999 in Myszków, where he spent his childhood. At the age of 13, he moved to the outskirts of the town to a small village called Jaworznik. He graduated from H. Sucharski Secondary School in Myszków.

In February 2022, he received the title of Engineer in the field of Chemical Technology at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels. In search of new ways to grow, he has chosen Engineering and Management of Industrial Processes at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management as his major. Since his second year at the university, he has been actively involved in student government structures. Between 2020 and 2022 he was a deputy chair in the Student Government Council of the Faculty of Energy and Fuels. In the elections to the AGH University Student Government, he was chosen for the position of its chairperson. He began his two-year term of office on September 1, 2022.

Daniel Jankowski represents all AGH University students in a variety of university bodies, including the University Council. In addition to his functions at the AGH University, he was also appointed director of the Krakow Juwenalia Festival by an assembly of student governments of higher education institutions in Krakow.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Evaluating the proposal for the university strategy
  • Evaluating the proposal for the university statute
  • Monitoring the financial management of the university
  • Monitoring the overall management of the university
  • Nominating candidates for the position of Rector, with the Senate's opinion
  • Evaluating the report concerning the implementation of the university strategy
  • Granting approvals for the disposal of fixed assets whose market value or the market value of the subject of a legal transaction exceeds PLN 2,000,000


Phone: +48 12 617-45-54
E-mail: dszumny(at)