Great Success of AGH UST Solar Boat in Monaco Solar&Electric Boat Challenge

photos by Maciek Bernaś, KSAF AGH UST

The solar boat “Baśka” was fifth in the general classification in this year’s edition of “Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge” race, held on 13-15 July. The race comprised endurance race, slalom and one-on-one duels. This is a great success of AGH UST Solar Boat, the only one representing Poland in this prestigious event.

The race was indeed a great challenge for the whole team. They were put to the quality test as early as three days before the launch due to a failure of the drive system of the boat. However, after 72 hours of continuous operation the test was successfully completed.

After two years of intensive preparations, on July 13 AGH UST Solar Boat eventually reached the sailors “promised land” – Yacht Club de Monaco. On the spot there were already 20 other teams awaiting the competition.

On the first day “Baśka” successfully passed technical tests of the design, sealing , electrical installation and stability. During the safety tests, Janusz Sawicki - our invaluable skipper – performed emergency evacuation task within 1.7 seconds!

The participants spent the next day waiting anxiously for the endurance race, which was to test the efficiency of economical charging and discharging of the batteries. Due to the recent repair of the drive system, for “Baśka” it was to be the first race on the water.

With the score of 20 laps the boat completed exhausting endurance race, which for some mechanical-electrical systems proved to be too difficult a trial. For AGH UST Solar Boat Team it was a moment of joy and great success after completing the toughest part of the competition.

Emotions were running high when strong waves on the open sea damaged the deck, which was then expertly repaired by the team (with advanced carbon fiber technology materials) before the next day.

The third day began with the slalom, testing manoeuvrability of the boat. “Baśka”, with the motor installed in the front of the hull and excellent cornering, came in fifth. The team also finished fifth in the one-on-one race, which was the last contest of the event.