AGH UST journals higher on the ministerial list

On December 1, 2021, the Polish Ministry of Education and Science issued an announcement pertaining to the list of scientific journals and reviewed international conference materials, which updates the current list and points. Henceforth, having one’s work published in one of the seven AGH UST journals scores considerably more points.

The journals are the following:

  • Geology Geophysics and Environment (40->100)
  • Opuscula Mathematica (40->70)
  • Geomatics and Environmental Engineering (40->70)
  • Managerial Economics (5->40)
  • Computer Methods in Materials Science (20->40)
  • Computer Science (20->40)
  • Studia Humanistyczne AGH. Contribution to Humanities (20->40)

The other AGH UST journals receive the following scores:

  • Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services (20)
  • Journal of Casting and Materials Engineering (20)