AGH UST Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET beneficiary of European Commission competition

photo by KSAF AGH

The AGH UST Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET together with five other Polish and international partners will take part in a project whose aim will be to plan and develop a new Centre of Excellence for New Methods of Computational Diagnostics and Personalised Therapy. 

The project, which will commence on 1st September 2017, will be financed by the European Commission with the amount of 400 thousand euro within the framework of the mechanism “Teaming for Excellence” of the programme “Horizon 2020”. 

The aim of the project is to develop a detailed plan of the establishment and operation of the Centre of Excellence in the area of advanced computer-aided simulations for the support of the innovative methods of medical diagnostics and personalised therapy. The developed plan will be announced in 2018 in time for the second phase of the competition. 

If the plans of the Krakow scientists are successful, the European Commission will allocate 15 million euro for the development of the Centre within the next seven years. The funds will be supplemented by a similar amount from public and private institutions in Poland. 

The mission of the Centre will be:  


  • the implementation into everyday medical care new, computer-based diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in order to improve the process of personalised healthcare;  
  • the stimulation of small- and medium-size companies focused on technologies and services taking advantage of new, personalised strategies of medical diagnostics and treatment;  
  • the development of new computational methods, algorithms, models and technologies connected with personalised medicine. 


The Centre of Excellence will be located in Krakow, where a large number of high-class specialists in the field of medical sciences and computer science are educated. Krakow research hospitals are highly regarded by the scientific environment, and the number of companies operating in the field of life sciences is increasing regularly. Such surroundings will constitute a natural and inspiring environment for the Centre. 

The developed plan will be based on the Polish Specialist Strategy, and it will aim to ensure the operation of the Centre in a way that will enable the fulfilment of its objectives, for which the measurement of success will be the number of computer-based solutions implemented into clinical use, the number of innovative products and services introduced to the market, the number of highly-cited scientific publications, as well as the number of patents and grants obtained by the Centre. 

The plan will be developed by two Polish partners: the AGH UST Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET (experts in the field of computer simulation and infrastructure) and the Cluster LifeScience Krakow (Key National Cluster), in collaboration with the University of Sheffield and Insigneo Institute in Great Britain (experts in the field of in silico modelling for clinical use), as well as Forschungszentrum Jülich (experts in the field of high-performance computing and data analysis for science and industry) and Fraunhofer ISI in Germany (experts in the field of system solutions and innovations in medicine). The project will be coordinated by the National Centre for Research and Development.