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AI Centre of Excellence to be established at the AGH UST

Abstract image showing an outline of a brain in the form of a digital print levitating above a human hand.

Photo: Dreamstime

AI Centre of Excellence to be established at the AGH UST

Within the ARTIQ competition, organised jointly by the National Centre for Research and Development and the National Science Centre, the AGH UST received the green light to implement an AI Centre of Excellence.

According to the ranking list of approved submissions, the AGH UST will receive more than PLN 19,000,000 to carry out a project related to the integration of inference, learning, optimisation, and interpretation for expedited commercialisation of intelligent new-generation software systems, which will be implemented by Ayan Seal.

The main scientific objective of the project is to conduct advanced basic research in the field of artificial intelligence on effective and efficient algorithms used in learning, optimisation, and data representation and transformation regardless of the area of application. The research results will constitute the basis for various R&D tasks.

The aim of ARTIQ is to fund projects that have the opportunity to improve the R&D potential of Poland in the field of artificial intelligence. To achieve this, three AI Centres of Excellence will be established, that is, highly specialised teams supporting Polish entities, led by exceptional scientists – leaders – who enjoy international acclaim and stand out with their academic, implementational, and organisational achievements. The project must have taken into account basic research, industrial research, development and/or preliminary work to be accepted.

Of the 7 applications that were submitted to the ARTIQ competition, 5 have been critically evaluated. Apart from the AGH UST, only the project submitted by the Jagiellonian University received a positive review.

To obtain the funding, the leader – Ayan Seal in the case of our university – must present exceptional academic achievement and possess international experience in the field of artificial intelligence, including successful efforts in commercialisation and cooperation with business circles.

The submission of the AGH UST, which is a host institution, was put together as a result of a joint initiative of the AGH UST scientists from the Department of Automatic Control and Robotics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering, the Institute of Computer Science of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics, and Telecommunications, and the AGH UST Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET.

The coordinator of the team that had prepared the application was Professor Joanna Jaworek-Korjakowska from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering.