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14th Krakow Integration Days

The photo shows two black circles. Within the smaller one, there are colourful hands reaching towards the centre.

Krakow Integration Days

14th Krakow Integration Days

The association of Krakow universities established in the interest of students with disabilities once again organises a series of events, which will take place between April 25 and 29, 2022, as part of the 14th Krakow Integration Days (KID).

Krakow Integration Days have been organised uninterruptedly since 2008 by the assembly of the following universities: AGH University of Science and Technology, Jagiellonian University, Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, Cracow University of Technology, Cracow University of Economics, Pontifical University of John Paul II, Pedagogical University, and University of Agriculture.

The project aims to increase the awareness within the academic community of disability-related issues, as well as to facilitate the integration of students, educators, and employees of disability service offices.

The event has been steadily gaining popularity, attracting more and more participants each year by expanding the programme, which includes training sessions, workshops, lectures, and meetings.