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AGH UST delegation visits the Dominican Republic

The photo shows the delegation at the Dominican Ministry of Energy and Mines. A group of elegantly dressed people in a semicircle posing for a photo.

The delegation at the Dominican Ministry of Energy and Mines

AGH UST delegation visits the Dominican Republic

Between November 2 and 12, 2022, an AGH UST delegation went on a visit to the Dominican Republic with Professor Rafał Wiśniowski, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Cooperation, at the helm.

The delegation members from the AGH UST included: Dr (Eng.) Krzysztof, Coordinator for Cooperation with the Carribean, Australia, and Oceania; Aleksandra Perkins-Oleszkowicz, MA, Head of the Section for International Agreements and Projects at the Centre for International Affairs; and Agnieszka Klisowska, MA, Rector’s Office employee and translator for the AGH UST delegation.

The mission also included Piotr Dziadzio, Undersecretary of State, Chief National Geologist, and representatives of the Polish Geological Institute and the Department of Geological Supervision and Raw Materials Policy of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The visit abounded with a series of meetings with Antonio Almonte Reynoso, the Minister of Energy and Mines; Victor O. Bisonó Haza, the Minister of Industry and Commerce; Miguel Peña de los Santos, Dominican President’s advisor for Mining; and Edwin García Cocco, Director of the Dominican Geological Survey and Chief National Geologist.

The meetings were held to discuss current cooperation and chart out its course for the coming years in the fields of underground and opencast mining, geology, and drilling.

After the talks in the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo, the AGH UST delegation went to Cotuí, where it was received by Marilyn Díaz, Rector of Universidad Tecnológica del Cibao Oriental (UTECO), with which the AGH UST has been cooperating since 2017. Among other things, our representatives participated in the UTECO graduation ceremony. Furthermore, the delegation members had the opportunity to observe the functioning of the university and explore the campus. In addition, they were invited to participate in technical visits to the mines with which UTECO cooperates.

The moment of signing the AGH UST – UTECO agreement

The moment of signing the AGH UST – UTECO agreement, four people on the photo, two of them sitting at a table strewn with pieces of paper and signing documents; the other two are standing by their sides.

During the stay in Cotuí, our delegation participated in meetings and talks related to the possibility of expanding the cooperation within the Erasmus+ programme with countries that are not associated within the KA171 programme. During the visit, an interinstitutional agreement was signed, in which both sides declared their wish to continue cooperation within the Erasmus+ programme in the fields of mining, construction, civil engineering, and environmental sciences.  UTECO students who will visit the AGH UST in the summer semester 2022/2023 as part of the aforementioned programme took part in the signing ceremony.

Our delegation received a warm welcome from the UTECO representatives, as well as the community of Cotuí and the entire Sánchez Ramírez province. Rector Marilyn Díaz Perez is committed to tightening the cooperation between our universities, exchanging experiences, and implementing joint education and research projects. Professor Rafał Wiśniowski, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Cooperation, gave an interview on national television, in which he answered questions related to the future cooperation between the AGH UST and UTECO, including the Erasmus+ programme.

UTECO graduation ceremony. A large table adorned with a cream-coloured frilled cloth on a huge stage. A substantial group of people sits at the table in a few rows. On the left side, the AGH UST Vice-Rector reads a speech holding a microphone. Next to him, behind a lectern, stands the UTECO Rector.

UTECO graduation ceremony