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The photo shows the ‘Zebulon’ – a robotic construction that resembles a round insect with six legs.

Zebulons by Integra triumphant in a robotic competition

Two creations of the Integra AGH Student Research Club, Zebulon and Zebulon 2.0, claimed the podium during one of [...]


Four people during a panel discussion. The man on the left holds a microhpone.

15th European Economic Congress with AGH University representatives

Nearly 170 debates and 11,000 participants – this is a brief summary of the European Economic Congress that took [...]


A photo taken in an auditorium during a conference. People sitting in rows of chairs. A man speaking from a lectern with a huge screen with a presentation behind him.

Internationalisation of academic circles discussed at the AGH University

On April 19, 2023, the AGH University hosted an international conference titled 'The Impact of [...]


Colourful image with graphic elements. A woman in VR goggles in a virtual room points her finger to a holographic screen hovering in front of her.

AGH University supports active participation of women in cybersecurity

The AGH University hosted an inaugural meeting that launched the Women4Cyber initiative, a Polish branch of a [...]


Colourful illustrative image of the Earth floating in space over a wavy three-dimensional plane. Above the globe, there is a network of lines linked to each other.

AGH University one of the winners of the GOSPOSTRATEG competition

The AGH University of Krakow will receive funding to implement a big-budget project as part of the GOSPOSTRATEG [...]


Event logo and basic information.

European Economic Congress 2023

Three days of discussions on the most topical themes: war in Ukraine and its global implications, energy safety [...]


A white rocket that leaves a trail of exhaust fume that comes from the rocket nozzle. The rocket ascends into space, above the clouds, against a blue sky.

How to protect rocket nozzles from erosion? AGH University scientists want to use CFRC

CFRC materials are highly resistant carbon composites, albeit difficult to produce. Only a handful of companies [...]


Six students standing next to each other, members of AGH Solar Boat. They wear t-shirts and shorts. In front of them, there is the “Barka” autonomous boat and behind them, a roll-up with the name of the competition.

“Barka” of the AGH Solar Boat Team awarded during autonomous boats competition

“Barka”, created by the AGH Solar Boat Team, was recognised as the best autonomous boat in terms of construction [...]


Photo of easter eggs and flowers.

Easter wishes of the AGH University Rector

Dear Academic Community,Let the coming Easter find you among your loved ones in an undisturbed and peaceful [...]


Illustrative image, a collage of photos representing management staff against large letters TECH in white.

Lead the tech – Like never before! AGH University launches an MBA programme

The new academic year will mark the launch of a new Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programme that [...]


A male and a female student standing next to each other in one of the university’s halls. The male student holds an open laptop in his hands.

The brightest students with ministerial grants

Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science, granted student scholarships for remarkable scientific, [...]


A group photo of the meeting participants taken in the representative Assembly Hall of the AGH University.

Visit of representatives from German universities

Between March 28 and 29, 2023, the AGH University hosted a delegation of more than 20 people from leading German [...]


The inside of the Large Hadron Collider that resembles a wide gold tunnel. It looks as if beams of light are travelling through the tunnel.

Research project implemented as part of a doctoral dissertation co-funded by the National Science Centre

Dr hab. Eng. Mateusz Dyndał, Associate Professor at the AGH University from the Department of Particle [...]


The photo shows male teams on a podium. The representatives of each team hold a commemorative diploma in their hands and cups. The cups are held high above their heads. The faces of the contestants express joy.

Sport climbers with gold medals

The Academic Championships of Poland in sport climbing concluded with the victory of the male team of the AGH [...]


Three people pose for a photo. From the left: two men and a woman. The man in the middle holds a commemorative medal and a framed integrated circuit.

50th Anniversary of the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET

In 2023, the AGH University Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, [...]