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The photo shows a modern building of the Shibaura Institute of Technology Campus.

NAWA grants for a project within the Strategic Partnerships Programme

The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) announced the call results for the Strategic Partnerships [...]


The picture shows a digital image of a yellow butterfly against a black background.

Chaos theory, the butterfly effect, and strange attractors

Can a butterfly dying in Amazonia cause a tornado in Poland? Theoretically, it is possible! Mathematicians prove [...]


Six students sitting in a row on chairs with notebooks in their hands.

Erasmus+ InnHUB Krakow launched

Erasmus+ InnHUB Krakow is a cross-sectoral innovation centre that will serve as an information point for the [...]


The photo shows people dressed in winter clothes, who are holding Ukrainian blue and yellow flags and umbrellas. Above them is a banner with the inscription “Sanction Russia!”.

Sanctions are a heavy weapon

‘They hit the Russian economy hard, but also affect – although on a smaller scale – the situation in a number of [...]


A man's face with glasses which reflect an inscription that says "WARNING".

Let yourself make mistakes… at the AGH UST!

Sometimes, a seemingly catastrophic mistake can bring about unexpected success! To err is human and part of the [...]


A group of more than 30 people standing in front of a semi-circular gate, an antique building in the background.

AGH UST as Academic Partner in the US-Poland Science and Technology Symposium

Between June 14 and 17, 2022, the representatives of our university – as the Academic Partner – have participated [...]


The photo was taken in the Hall of the AGH UST Main Building. It shows three men standing next to each other. They wear suits. Behind them is a statue of Stanisław Staszic.

Visit of Vice-President of Shibaura Institute of Technology at AGH UST

Professor Akito Takasaki, Vice-President of Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo (SIT), once again visited [...]


The picture shows a satellite orbiting the Earth. It emits a cone-shaped radar wave towards the planet, marked symbolically in green. The wave leaves a trail of topographical image of the scanned fragment of the Earth.

AGH UST scientists want to use satellite data to warn about sinkholes

Monitoring sinkholes is a challenge not only to national security services, but also to climatologists. The ones [...]


Various objects related to sports: a basketball, a tennis ball and rocket on a black background.

Sports recap of the season – AGH UST third

In the general classification of the 2021/2022 Academic Championships of Poland, the AGH UST scored 2,640.5 [...]


The photo shows a group of five students standing around a Martian rover, servicing its parts. The rover is in the foreground in the centre of the picture. The photo was taken outside, in a desert; clear blue sky in the background.

AGH UST one of the best technical universities in the 2022 “Perspektywy” ranking

In the most recent Perspektywy University Ranking 2022, our university came second in the category of technical [...]


Rector’s office. In the foreground from the left: Rector Lis shakes hands with Consul General Wojnarowski. They smile and look at the camera.

AGH UST Rector met with Consul General of Ukraine in Krakow

On June 20, 2022, Professor Jerzy Lis, AGH UST Rector, met with Wiaczesław Wojnarowski, Consul General of Ukraine [...]


Abstract picture in blue tones showing a long hallway with a geometric network superimposed thereon.

Poland among five EU countries selected to host a next-generation supercomputer system. The machine to be installed in the Academic Computer Centre

The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has selected five places to host and [...]


The photo shows a gigantic circular tube enclosed in an orange hexagonal casing, the doors of the machine are wide open.

ALICE at the LHC confirms the existence of quark masses

For the first time, scientists have observed the dead-cone effect in high-energy proton-proton collisions, which [...]


The photo shows the winning male AZS AGH handball team. A group of players stands on the field floor. They wear sports clothes. One of them holds a gold cup. All players cheer for their victory with their hands raised. Their mouths are open, screaming. Their faces look very happy.

Gold medal for AZS AGH handball players

Our handball players won gold medals at the Academic Championships of Poland. In the final game, our athletes beat [...]


Centre for International Affairs a beneficiary of the NAWA SPINAKER programme

The AGH UST Centre for International Affairs received funding from the NAWA SPINAKER programme for the second [...]