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A coloured photo of commemorative statuettes presented to the winners of the competition. The statuettes represent female figures in floaty dresses with hands reaching up and holding a string.

Awards for AGH UST student research clubs

In the all-Polish Studencki Ruch Naukowy (StRuNa) competition, the AGH UST student research clubs received awards [...]


A group of people in a circle. Three of them stand with their backs towards the camera with purple T-shirts with the “IT is ME” logo. They are conversing with two other people standing in front of them. Balloons and posters in the background.

Innovation + IT tools – laureates of the IT is ME competition

During the IT is ME Student Innovation Festival organised by the AGH UST, we selected the best innovative student [...]


Autumnal colours. The photo shows two students in new AGH UST e-Shop merchandise (an overhead sweater and a bomber jacket).

A new line of products in the AGH UST e-Shop

Just weeks before December, a month abundant in opportunities to treat oneself with gifts, the AGH UST e-Shop [...]


Decorative image. Purple background. Shards with glimpses on scientists and equipment.

The best AGH UST academic teachers rewarded

On October 10, 2022, during an official gala at Klub STUDIO, the laureates of the Teaching Awards 2022 were [...]


Portrait photo of Professor Jerzy Lis.

Rector’s letter to the AGH UST Community for the inauguration of the academic year 2022/2023

Dear Employees, Doctoral Students, Students, Pensioners, and Friends of the AGH USTWe are entering the new [...]


A smiling man with glasses wearing a burgundy jacket and a black polo neck. The photo was taken in the main hall of the Main Building, with a pillared cloister and stairs in the background.

Equality Ombudsperson began his mission at the AGH UST

In November 2022, Artur Lesner, the AGH UST Equality Ombudsperson, joined our academic community. He will work to [...]


New members of the Student Ombudsperson Team

Since October 1, 2022, the AGH UST Student Ombudsperson Team has new members.  [...]


Trial access to the Energy & Power Source database

The Main Library invites you to use the trial access to the Energy & Power Source full-text database. The trial [...]


A collage of photos of student engineering projects. Going clockwise from the top: light solar plane, four-wheel Martian rover, solar boat with an operator inside during a race, and a prototype of a racing bolide.

More than PLN 1.4 million for the best student projects from the AGH UST

The Ministry of Education and Science announced the results of the third call for “Najlepsi z najlepszych! 4.0.” [...]


Decorative image with the logo and name of the competition.

The projects of our student research clubs awarded in the KoKoN competition

AGH Space Systems for the Kalman project and Eko-Energia for the wind turbine with a variable-diameter diffuser [...]


‘Chemistry: The Central Science in SI Units’ textbook

The Main Library invites you to use the advanced and comprehensive textbook titled ‘Chemistry: The Central Science [...]


Trial access to SAGE e-Journals

The Main Library invites you to test the trial access to the collection of full texts published in SAGE Premier [...]


New academic year in the Main Library. Information not only for first-year students


Critical Outer Space. A series of public lectures by UNIVERSEH

The UNIVERSEH consortium invites you to participate in a series of public lectures titled ‘Critical Outer Space’, [...]


ETEIA project training series: energy transformation and circular economy

The AGH UST organises a series of trainings on energy transformation, circular economy, and teaching methods. The [...]


Piles of books. Some of them are open. A pair of glasses on one of the open books.

Access to Taylor & Francis books

The Main Library invites you to access a selection of full texts published by Taylor & Francis. The open access [...]


Decorative image of a calendar.

Academic Year and Events 2022/2023

Winter semester1 October to 26 February1 October to 27 January – winter semester classes* 23 December to 1 [...]


Rector’s hours on 4 October (no classes)

In relation to the official inauguration of the academic year 2022/2023 on October 4, 2022, Professor Jerzy Lis, [...]


Competition grounds. The Kalman rover, behind it a group of about 30 people from the AGH Space Systems. They have medals around their necks. Two people in the first row hold a large prize voucher and someone raises the award statuette. Two people hold AGH UST-coloured flags.

AGH Space Systems won the ERC 2022 space competition

The AGH Space Systems team won the eighth European Rover Challenge competition (in the on-site formula). In the [...]


Courses in space technologies

The Space Technology Centre, in cooperation with our partners from the UNIVERSEH consortium, has prepared an offer [...]


A tactile map of the AGH UST Campus.

Tactile map at the AGH UST – a tool for people with visual impairment

Our university boasts the creation of a tactile map representing our campus, a tool that will allow people with [...]


Functioning of the university (sanitary safety) from July 1, 2022

From July 1, 2022, our university functions according to the principles determined by the AGH UST Rector’s Order [...]


Six students sitting in a row on chairs with notebooks in their hands.

Erasmus+ InnHUB Krakow launched

Erasmus+ InnHUB Krakow is a cross-sectoral innovation centre that will serve as an information point for the [...]


The photo shows a dynamic hypernova explosion. On both sides of the star, in the form of a beam, also called an astrophysical jet, gamma radiation is being released, which may be registered by telescopes on Earth.

Ultra-fast camera – Polish input into high-energy astronomy

The Cherenkov Telescope Array is one of the largest astronomical projects in the world, which aims to erect [...]


Grants for two research projects carried out at the AGH UST Doctoral School

Two research projects that are to be implemented by doctoral students from the AGH UST Doctoral School as doctoral [...]


Ring like stone with red laser beams.

Archaeological findings under laser light

Land surveyors from the AGH UST, for 4 years, have worked together with archaeologists to document historical [...]


The photo shows a woman in a long black dress and a man in a black suit and white shirt, they are both smiling. In the background is a wall with the inscription “25 under 25”.

Two AGH UST alumni on the Forbes "25 under 25" list

Our alumni – Joanna Maraszek and Przemysław Dróżdż – made it to the finale of the 25 under 25 competition. The [...]


Graphic of grid brainshaped and text "machine learning"

Artificial, synthetic, or perhaps spintronic intelligence – what will substitute computers?

Traditional computers based on the von Neumann architecture are ineffective for new types of applications, such as [...]


flag of Ukraine

Science for Ukraine – volunteers wanted

The Polish “ScienceForUkraine” team is looking for volunteers to help support scientists from Ukraine.  [...]


Special account for support “AGH for Ukraine”

The AGH UST has opened a bank account that will collect donations to support refugees from Ukraine.  [...]