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Na zdjęciu widoczny fragment rakiety przygotowywanej do startu i leżącej na wyrzutni.

AGH Space Systems rocket among the world's best

The rocket section of the AGH Space Systems team, with their 3-TTK+ hybrid rocket, won the fourth place in the [...]


Na zdjęciu kilkanaście osób (kobiet i mężczyzn). Stoją obok siebie, trzymając przed sobą rakietę.

AGH Space Systems' lift-off in rocket engineering competition in the USA

The rocket section of the AGH Space Systems team has completed another space challenge – participation in the [...]


Group photo

Kalman in the top ten, AGH Space Systems the best team in Europe

AGH Space Systems, together with Kalman, finished the prestigious University Rover Challenge (URC) for Martian [...]


Group photo

SpaceTeam AGH wins Over the Dusty Moon Challenge

SpaceTeam AGH has won the international Over the Dusty Moon Challenge, where student teams present their [...]


Colourful illustrative image representing the facades of the St. Mary's Basilica, the Town Hall tower, the Barbican, and the Main Building of the AGH University in a simplified version.

Welcome Point at the AGH University launched

In April 2023, the AGH University launched a Welcome Point. It is a place where all foreign guests arriving at the [...]


A male and a female student standing next to each other in one of the university’s halls. The male student holds an open laptop in his hands.

The brightest students with ministerial grants

Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science, granted student scholarships for remarkable scientific, [...]


A colourful, abstract image that shows a room in cyberspace filled with geometric shapes lit from various angles.

RODBUK – a repository of open research data of Krakow universities

As a result of collaboration between six Krakow universities, on March 6, 2023, a repository of open research data [...]


A group photo of the AGH UST snowboarding team (15 people). All wearing sports clothing, helmets, and goggles. Their faces express joy, they are smiling.

Decorated snowboarders

The AGH UST Academic Sports Association athletes won gold for women and bronze for men in team snowboarding during [...]


An industrial robotic arm in a laboratory.

AGH University research infrastructure in one database

An online database with the research offer of the AGH University was launched. The system contains information on [...]


Photo from the presentation of the awards gala. The laureate stands on stage and speaks to the microphone. Besides her, there are the organisers of the competition.

AGH UST student among the best foreign students in Poland

The best foreign students in Poland received awards in the Interstudents 2023 competition. A special award – for [...]


Students taking part in the radio drama dressed in 1920s-stylised clothes.

Intrigues and morally difficult decisions – AGH UST students created a radio drama

‘Nie na miejscu’ [Out of place] is a radio drama set in a world that has been haunted by an ancient curse. A [...]


The photo shows a bolide from the Integra AGH student research club and a third-place certificate.

Integra AGH on the podium of the autonomous driving competition in South Korea

A team of students, members of Integra AGH, came third in the F1TENTH championship that took place in South Korea. [...]


Illustrative image in shades of green; an arrow pointed to the right. The inside of the arrow is filled with graphic representations associated with the environment and ecology.

The best ECOinnovators from the AGH UST

The laureates of the ECOinnovators competition were announced. Jan Kostecki from the Faculty of Mechanical [...]


A coloured photo of commemorative statuettes presented to the winners of the competition. The statuettes represent female figures in floaty dresses with hands reaching up and holding a string.

Awards for AGH UST student research clubs

In the all-Polish Studencki Ruch Naukowy (StRuNa) competition, the AGH UST student research clubs received awards [...]


A group of people in a circle. Three of them stand with their backs towards the camera with purple T-shirts with the “IT is ME” logo. They are conversing with two other people standing in front of them. Balloons and posters in the background.

Innovation + IT tools – laureates of the IT is ME competition

During the IT is ME Student Innovation Festival organised by the AGH UST, we selected the best innovative student [...]


Autumnal colours. The photo shows two students in new AGH UST e-Shop merchandise (an overhead sweater and a bomber jacket).

A new line of products in the AGH UST e-Shop

Just weeks before December, a month abundant in opportunities to treat oneself with gifts, the AGH UST e-Shop [...]


Decorative image. Purple background. Shards with glimpses on scientists and equipment.

The best AGH UST academic teachers rewarded

On October 10, 2022, during an official gala at Klub STUDIO, the laureates of the Teaching Awards 2022 were [...]


Portrait photo of Professor Jerzy Lis.

Rector’s letter to the AGH UST Community for the inauguration of the academic year 2022/2023

Dear Employees, Doctoral Students, Students, Pensioners, and Friends of the AGH USTWe are entering the new [...]


Part of a poster that promotes the programme.

NAWA's Poland My First Choice – call for applications

We are pleased to announce the call for applications for the Poland My First Choice NAWA programme, which enables [...]


Illustrative image. Scattered letters and a magnifying glass on a table.

Presenting the AGH Glossary

We encourage you to check out the AGH Glossary which is now available as a web application. It contains a [...]


Rector's hours during Juwenalia Krako(w)skie

In relation to the Student Days (Juwenalia Krako[w]skie), on the motion of the AGH University Student Government, [...]


UNIVERSEH Summer School ‘Making Space for Culture & Arts’. Admissions open

All AGH University students who completed their first year of study (regardless of the field) are welcome to apply [...]


Changes in traffic flow, parking restrictions on campus, and limited access to the A-0 building (March 24, 2023)

In relation to the celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET that will take [...]


Access to full texts from Bentham Science Publishers

The Main Library wishes to remind you about the possibility to access full texts from a multi-discipline [...]


A snowboarding female contestant going down a slope in a sports uniform, helmet, and goggles.

Winners of the AGH University Cup in Alpine Ski Racing and Snowboarding

Meet the winners of the AGH University Cup in Alpine Ski Racing and Snowboarding that took place on March 10, 2023 [...]


A colourful illustrative image of wooden figurines that mimic human figures. A blue figurine stands in the middle of a circle made of more than a dozen beige figurines. Each beige figurine is connected to the blue one with a white line running across the floor.

HELPI to support students with special needs

The AGH UST launched HELPI – a modern support system for people with special needs. The new platform is intuitive, [...]


Courses related to space technologies

The Space Technology Centre prepared an offer that includes five courses in space technologies. The courses will [...]


Rector's hours (no classes)

The AGH UST Rector acceded to the request of the University Board of Student Government and ordained Rector's [...]


Three smiling students standing next to a large screen of a research apparatus in a laboratory. They are facing each other and talking. On a cabinet next to them, there is a red sheathing of a sports bolide on which they are working.

Rector’s Grants awarded. More than PLN 1.2 million for projects of student research clubs

The competition committee has selected projects of the AGH UST student research clubs that will receive funding [...]


Image with pictograms of heating devices and air circulation.

Recommendations for the AGH UST community regarding the rationalisation of energy consumption on campus

Wear warm clothes because the temperature in university rooms will not provide the expected comfort Do not use [...]