Air-cushion electronic skateboard – new project developed by the AGH UST Student Research Association of Mechanical Engineers

classic hovercraft - visualisation

Students from the AGH UST Student Research Association of Mechanical Engineers (KNM AGH) affiliated with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics are working on a new project constructing hoverboard – an electronic skateboard moving on a cushion of air. Krzysztof Zagórski, DSc, acts as the scientific supervisor of the project.

The design team operating under the name of AGH Hoverboard Team is currently a group of seven students. Andrzej Frączek, a 2-year student of Mechatronic Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, who is the brains behind the concept as well as the team’s leader, successfully pitched his idea to fellow students from KNM AGH and so the story began.

This year, the students are planning to produce a model of classic 80 cm × 40 cm  hovercraft, weighing 5 kilograms, while next year, relying on previously taken measurements, they will start the construction of a hoverboard capable of lifting a human.

The machine is currently  in its final design stage, with last-minute adjustments and all remaining necessary measurements being carried out. The team is beginning to collect design components that are required for the completion of the vehicle.

At the current stage of development, the team are addressing the tough challenge of supplying sufficient pressure inside the device. Keeping the cushion stable along with limited manoeuvrability and difficulty in moving over uneven terrain are major drawbacks of hoverboards. On the plus side, they develop high speeds and are capable of operating in adverse weather conditions as well as moving on all kinds of surfaces and negotiating small obstacles without the need for navigating around them.

AGH Hoverboard Team is planning to unveil the model at the Student Research Associations’ Conference and take part in competitions in the forthcoming years.