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Krakow DIANA Accelerator consortium members with an agreement

Image of three people concluding an agreement

Photo by Zbigniew Sulima

Krakow DIANA Accelerator consortium members with an agreement

In line with the NATO DIANA Board of Directors’ official approval of the joint proposal by the AGH University and the Krakow Technology Park to launch the Krakow DIANA Accelerator, the AGH University and KPT have declared the establishment of a long-term cooperation by concluding a relevant agreement.

The joint measures are aimed at building a dual-use technology ecosystem for the country’s resilience, security, and defence.

The cooperation is going to concern, in particular, the development and operation of the Krakow DIANA Accelerator, with the business acceleration to be provided by the Krakow Technology Park, while the technological acceleration and the access to research and laboratory infrastructure by the AGH University. The university is to be responsible for the organisation of the accelerator on campus, whereas the other party is obliged to organise the acceleration system within the structure of the Krakow Technology Park.

The agreement was signed on the 10th of April by the AGH University Rector, Professor Jerzy Lis, and the President of the Krakow Technology Park, Tadeusz Zaremba, as well as its Vice-President, Dr Natalia Bursiewicz.