Over PLN 1m for AGH UST student projects

Special Interest Group “Zgarek” develops prototype of wind turbine, photo by Special Interest Group Zgarek

Student Special Interest Group of Mechanical Engineers will work on improvement of electric motorcycle

Special Interest Group “Hefajstos” works on parameters of materials for military applications, photo by Special Interest Group Hefajstos

Nearly 30 innovative projects of AGH UST Student Special Interest Groups will receive funding in the amount of over PLN 1 million within the framework of the programme “Initiative for Excellence – Research University” (IDUB). This time, financial support will be given to projects in the field of space engineering, robotics, and construction engineering. 

Bearing in mind that it was the first edition of the competition, as well as the fact of satisfying all required criteria by the Special Interest Groups, the Competition Jury granted 100% financing to all projects submitted in the competition. In this way, 29 student projects will obtain funding in the total amount of PLN 1,138,205.35. 

The highest level of financial support in the amount of over PLN 160,000 will be granted to the Special Interest Group “Geowiert” for a project related to the use of boreholes for the purpose of storing energy and developing a heating system on the example of the AGH UST campus. Other projects with a high level of financing include autonomous racing cars (Special Interest Group “Kinematics”) and lithium batteries for applications in motorsport (Special Interest Group “Mechatronics”). 

Among the prizewinning projects there is also a 3D model of Krakow monuments for people with visual impairments (Special Interest Group of Metals Engineers). Within the framework of the project, the students will aim to prepare a specialist presentation of the most interesting historical objects of the city for people who are weak or partially sighted. 

One of the honoured projects is an unmanned inspection robot designed for operations in difficult conditions, especially in water and sewage piping systems, as well as pipes and wells (Special Interest Group “New-Tech”). Another appreciated project involves student research on the possibilities of detecting stress and relieving it by means of smartphones and specialised detectors (Special Interest Group “Biometr”). 

It is worth noting that students who carry out projects in this edition of the competition can apply for recognising some outcomes of their work as part of the research-oriented education path in the programme “Initiative for Excellence – Research University” (IDUB). 

Professor Rafał Dańko, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, says:

The financial means from the IDUB project (Initiative for Excellence – Research University) are for our students a great cash injection and support. We pin our hopes on these scientific projects and the work of our students. The solutions they have offered are innovative, creative, and they definitely provide answers to contemporary problems. Moreover, the “research-oriented education path” within the framework of IDUB, which was established with the most-gifted students in mind, allows them to flexibly combine studies with scientific research work. We are convinced that the direct integration between the process of education and advanced student projects will bring young people a lot of advantages.” 

One of the aims of the programme “Initiative for Excellence – Research University” in the area of education is, inter alia, improving the quality of teaching students and doctoral students, especially in the fields and scientific disciplines connected with the university’s Priority Research Areas.