Album “100 years of AGH UST in photographs”

On the occasion of the jubilee, the AGH University of Science and Technology has published the album “100 lat AGH w fotografii | 100 Years of AGH UST in Photographs”. 

The jubilee album “100 lat AGH w fotografii | 100 Years of AGH UST in Photographs” presents some selected photos and documents connected with the history of the university. The publication is divided into ten main chapters covering subsequent decades, starting from the 1920s up to the present times. The album begins with a speech of the AGH UST Rector, a speech of the President of the Organising Committee of the Jubilee of 100 years of AGH UST, and a historical foreword. In a further part of the album, the readers can find a guide to university rectors, tradition symbols, and materials concerning the efforts related to the establishment of a higher school of mining, dating back to the second half of the 19th century. A separate part is the chapter “Varia”, containing photographs from the collection of professor Walery Goetel. Alongside photos, the album also presents archival press articles, letters, lists, invitations, posters, certificates, maps, and other documents. 

Many unique materials come from the collections of the AGH UST Museum, the AGH UST Archives, the National Digital Archives, the National Archives in Krakow, the Archives of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Krakow, and the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow. 

The album “100 years of AGH UST in photographs” is available for purchase in the AGH UST Online Store