AGH UST students and staff have released unique promotional video

A Spitsbergen polar expedition, exploration of the Caucasus, car or solar boat races – these are just few of the many success stories from AGH UST students and staff featured in the latest official promotional video of our university. ‘POV AGH – Our Point of View’ is a film produced entirely by the members of the AGH UST community. The film, which they recorded using specialised video cameras offering first-person viewpoint, shows the study period as the best moment for experiencing incredible adventures.

The events in the film are recounted from first-person perspective by those of us who work study and work at the University and for whom AGH UST is the place to fulfil  passions. The production features the AGH UST solar boat team during the Monaco Electric Solar Boat Challenge, the AGH Racing Team competing on a racing track in the US and Austria as well as members of the SAKWA Mountaineering Team climbing one of the most challenging peaks of the Caucasus – Ushba. Other shots include Drilling, Oil and Gas students during their internship on a Baltic oil rig as well as photos from a polar expedition by acoustic engineers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics.

The POV (Point–of-View) technique, which was used to record the film, was chosen by the film’s creators for a number of reasons. It not only allows the viewer to see the many unusual events and activities through the eyes of the film’s characters but it also enabled the filmmakers to take shots in locations where the use of traditional equipment would be difficult, if not impossible.

The film shows the wealth of possibilities open to those who wish to join one of the University’s one hundred  student organisations and clubs as well as the commitment of those who pursue numerous research and science projects. Also, the film proves that AGH UST reaches far beyond its own campus and supports its students with developing their passions and interests, which span the entire world. 

The work on the AGH UST promo clip started last year. The production was handled by MINE AGH Studio, which is a part of the AGH UST Media Centre. ‘POV AGH – Our Point of View’ is the first in a series of materials showing how the AGH UST’s slogan: ‘Knowledge – Passion – Bound” works in practice. The first film focuses on students’ passions, while the upcoming productions will reveal more of the AGH UST’s research activity and student lifestyle.