AGH UST is member of Pol-Stor-En Research Consortium

The Ministry of Energy

On 21 February 2018 Pol-Stor-En Research Consortium was established at the Ministry of Energy. The Consortium comprises seven Polish research entities including AGH University of Science and Technology, which was represented at the ceremony by prof. Janina Molenda of the Faculty of Energy and Fuels.

The main idea behind Pol-Stor-En is to increase research potential in order to stimulate the advancement of energy storage as well as cooperation with industry partners aimed at developing new solutions in the area.

Alongside AGH UST, the Consortium members include: the Non-Ferrous Metals Institute, Gdańsk University of Technology, Poznań University of Technology, Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University and Warsaw University of Technology as the leader.

All attendees representing the government and academia shared the opinion that the joint effort of all these research centres is essential for Poland  to manufacture state of the art cells and supercapacitors.