AGH UST has signed agreement with the Łukasiewicz Research Network

Photo shows (left to right): Piotr Dardziński, President of the Łukasiewicz Research Network and Professor Jerzy Lis – AGH UST Rector-elect

Increased implementation and research efficiency, which will translate into a faster growth of Polish firms, constitute the core of an agreement signed between the AGH University of Science and Technology and the Łukasiewicz Research Network. The partnership will boost Poland’s economic growth based on global trends and expectations from Industry 4.0.

The agreement was signed by AGH UST Rector-elect Professor Jerzy Lis and Piotr Dardziński, the President of the Łukasiewicz Research Network during the „Impact of COVID-19 on the building materials industry” Conference. The event was held on 29 June 2020 as the brainchild of the Łukasiewicz Network - the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials. One of the Network’s many institutes, ICiMB has been involved in numerous R&D projects undertaken jointly with AGH UST and later successfully implemented in the business environment.

The cooperation between Łukasiewicz and AGH UST provides for the development of research and implementation projects, both domestic and international, also delivered as part of the EIT Raw Materials community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, an active advocate of innovations in the raw minerals sector.

“The agreement we have signed is a formal endorsement of the many years of cooperation between the AGH UST University of Science and Technology and the institutions that constitute the Łukasiewicz Research Network. The resulting effect is the increasing number of innovative solutions created by Polish scientists in response to the real needs of the business community. I would like to thank Professor Jerzy Lis – the University Rector – for all the commitment to this cooperation and support he has lent us as a member of the Łukasiewicz Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials Council. I hope this is also a clear signal for Polish business and all the numerous companies representing the construction industry here today that the potential of Polish science is constantly growing. It therefore makes perfect sense to step up our cooperation as we are looking for the ways to further improve our technologies, products or services,” said Piotr Dardziński, the President of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

“Creating and delivering advanced solutions for Polish economy has been our mission for over 100 years. This is also the ultimate idea behind the Łukasiewicz Research Network. Thus, both institutions set themselves identical goals. I am convinced that the agreement signed by AGH UST and the Network is a signal – for our environment as well as other universities and research centres – defining the direction that science should follow. The direction in question is the common action taken to the benefit of Poland’s economy. With such a powerful partner as the Łukasiewicz Centre we are capable of effectively responding to business and industry demands and of further improving the efficiency of technology transfer,” said Professor Jerzy Lis, AGH UST Rector-elect.

Plans are under way to undertake joint projects within the framework of the Digital Innovation Hub coordinated by Krakow Technology Park in the area of key technologies and solutions for the future, including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence as well as augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR)

Parties to the agreement aim to intensify educational cooperation by, among other things, organising career development programmes for scientists, promoting research staff mobility as well as professional doctorates. 62 of research staff members working for Łukasiewicz have expressed an interest in joining the latest (fourth) edition of professional doctorate scheme, 12 of whom have chosen AGH UST to be the host for their professional doctorates. 


The Łukasiewicz Research Network is the third biggest research network in Europe,  providing attractive, complete and competitive technological solutions. The Network has put in place a unique challenge-based system where a group of 4500 scientists accepts a business challenge and comes up with an effective implementation solution in not more than 15 working days, engaging Poland’s top research competencies and the country’s unique scientific infrastructure.  Most importantly – the ‘client’ entrepreneur does not bear any costs connected with the development of the research concept. Łukasiewicz conveniently addresses expectations of the business community. Entrepreneurs can decide to contact the Network not only using a dedicated form available on lukasiewicz.gov.pl/en/, but also in over 50 locations: Łukasiewicz institutes and local offices throughout Poland. Whatever their choice, they will always be offered the same – top quality - product or service. The Łukasiewicz initiative centres its efforts around the following research areas: health, intelligent mobility, digital transformation and sustainable economy and energy.