AGH UST has inaugurated 100th academic year

Mass in University Collegiate Church, photo by Michał Mężyk, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

Parade through AGH UST campus, photo by Paweł Cegielski, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

AGH UST Representative Hall, photo by Paweł Cegielski, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

AGH UST Main Assembly Hall, photo by Paweł Cegielski, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

AGH UST Rector’s speech, photo by Paweł Cegielski, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

Speech of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education, photo by Jakub Kołoczek, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

Speech of President of Krakow, photo by Jakub Kołoczek, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

Professor Tadeusz Więckowski, AGH UST Honorary Consul, photo by Jakub Kołoczek, AGH UST Krakow Student Photo Agency

Professor Rolf Heuer, photo by Zbigniew Sulima

On 4th October 2018, AGH UST inaugurated the academic year 2018/2019. The jubilee 100th inauguration marks the beginning of the centenary celebrations of the university. 

The inauguration started in the University Collegiate Church of St Anne, where the academic community gathered for a Mass. Traditionally, a ceremonial parade composed of university professors, employees and students walked through the AGH UST campus. The march featured the AGH UST Representative Orchestra.  

The ceremonial session of the AGH UST Senate commenced with the song Gaude Mater Polonia performed by the AGH UST Song and Dance Ensemble "Krakus". Next, professor Tadeusz Słomka, AGH UST Rector, welcomed the guests – national, voivodeship and local authorities, the representatives of science, industry, and the diplomatic corps, as well as AGH UST employees and students.  

Inauguration speech   

In the inauguration speech, the AGH UST Rector drew the listeners’ attention to a particular importance of this year’s celebrations. 

“Every year, we gather in the Main Assembly Hall of the AGH University of Science and Technology to officially begin a new academic year. This time, however, this gathering is special and unique – we celebrate the centenary inauguration of the academic year at our university. In 2013, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Mining Academy, and that is why on the AGH UST main building we have recently placed the words: “Established in 1913”. Today, we can say that our Alma Mater has been active for 100 years, as creating the university was a process that was initiated in 1816, and finished on 20th October 1919.” 

In a further part of his speech, professor Tadeusz Słomka talked about the establishment and development of the Mining Academy. 

“The expectations and hopes were very high. The reviving economy needed support for the mining and metallurgical industries. 100 years ago, about 300 young Poles left the country every year in order to acquire some mining knowledge. The city and national authorities at the right time realised the need for investment in this field strategic for our country. The authorities of the Mining Academy consequently accomplished their objectives step by step – by means of defining the programmes of education, developing investment plans, as well as extending the educational offer. In the era of advanced technology, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and supercomputers it is difficult to imagine that the first patent granted to the Mining Academy was related to the baking peel.”  

The AGH UST Rector also brought into the listeners’ attention the most important achievements and distinctions of AGH UST employees and students in the course of the last year, and he also referred to the ministerial reform. 

“We are beginning a year that is very important for the higher education system in Poland. After many-month work, the Law on Higher Education and Science has come into effect, and it is an answer the dynamically changing needs of the economy. The planned changes are for the academic environment surely a novelty and a certain unknown, and many proposed solutions, such as a higher degree of autonomy, an improvement of the educational process, changes to the evaluation of units, increased expenditure on science and the new rules of spending financial means, as well as the new routes into an academic career should lead to a fast development of higher education in Poland. The AGH University of Science and Technology from the very beginning was an active participant in the consultations of the document, and I am convinced that out university is prepared for its implementation.” 


“To conclude my speech, I wish the entire community of the AGH University of Science and Technology an academic year that will be as fruitful and advantageous as the last 100 years, and one that will bring even more success both in professional and personal activity,” said professor Tadeusz Słomka. 

Premiere of Jubilee video 

After his speech, the AGH UST Rector announced the premiere of the Jubilee video. The film shows archive footage of the ceremony of laying the cornerstone for the main building of the Mining Academy in 1923. 

Guest speeches 

One of the guests at the ceremony was Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education, who delivered a speech. A speech was also given by Jacek Majchrowski, President of Krakow. 

Matriculation of first-year students  

The most important part of the ceremony was the matriculation of first-year students. Each AGH UST faculty was represented by two best new students, who took a solemn oath on behalf of themselves and their fellows. The ceremony was performed by professor Wojciech Łużny, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Education. The Assembly Hall heard the cheerful Gaudeamus Igitur, and professor Tadeusz Słomka addressed the students. 

“Please do not forget that education is something that nearly everyone is given, many pass it further on, but very few possess,” said the AGH UST Rector. 

On behalf of the students, a speech was given by Marcin Krukowski, President of the University Board of Student Government. 

Professor Tadeusz Więckowski awarded title of AGH UST Honorary Consul  

Part of the festivities was a unique ceremony – the title of Honorary Consul was awarded to professor Tadeusz Więckowski – Rector of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in the years 2008-2016. Professor Więckowski’s achievements were presented by professor Andrzej Pach, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Science. 

In the justification, we can read that the distinction was awarded for “the intensification of scientific research collaboration between AGH UST and the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, and for co-creating and managing the Institute Freeway of Technology and Innovation, which unites universities and business entities, and which is model example of collaboration between science, industry, and business.”  

Presentation of awards 

During the session, there was also a ceremony of presenting awards and scholarships. Professor Mirosław Karbowniczek, AGH UST Vice-Rector for General Affairs, announced the laureates of the Professor Władysław Takliński Award, the Professor Antoni Rodziewicz-Bielewicz Award, and the Professor Zbigniew Engel Award. Next, professor Anna Siwik, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, conducted the ceremony of handing over “AGH UST Diamonds”, as well as the scholarships of the Helena and Tadeusz Zielińscy Foundation for Educational Support to Young People in Jarosław.  

All participants observed a minute's silence in memory of those who passed away in the last academic year. 

Inauguration lecture 

The inauguration lecture was delivered by professor Rolf Heuer, Director-General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN in the years 2009-2015. The presentation was entitled “Science for Society”. 

Closing the session, the AGH UST Rector thanked professor Heuer for his speech, the gathered guests for coming, and he also addressed the institutions that supported AGH UST financially in the organisation of the celebrations. Professor Jerzy Lis, AGH UST Vice-Rector for Cooperation, presented the partners of the Jubilee (a list available on the website: 100lat.agh.edu.pl). The ceremony concluded with the national anthem performed by the AGH UST Representative Orchestra. 

100th Jubilee of AGH UST 

2019, pronounced the centenary year of AGH UST, will feature celebrations related to the opening of the university. The Inauguration of the 100th Academic Year marks the beginning of the Jubilee celebrations, and their culmination will be the festivities held in October 2019. The celebrations will finish in June 2020. 

Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland, has taken the honorary patronage over the Jubilee of 100 years of AGH UST. 

Congratulatory letters for AGH UST on the occasion of inauguration have been sent by: 


  • Andrzej Duda, President of Poland
  • Marek Sowa, Member of Parliament,  
  • Jacek Krupa, Marshal of Małopolska Voivodeship,  
  • Piotr Przytocki, President of Krosno,  
  • Waldemar Paluch, Mayor of Jarosław,  
  • Professor Józef Dubiński, AGH UST Honorary Doctor, President of the Katowice Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 
  • Professor Jan Kazior, Rector of Cracow University of Technology,  
  • Professor Jacek Namieśnik, Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology,  
  • Professor Tadeusz Bohdal, Rector of Koszalin University of Technology,
  • Professor Tomasz Łodygowski, Rector of Poznań University of Technology,  
  • Professor Zygmunt Litwińczuk, Rector of University of Life Sciences in Lublin,  
  • Professor Stanisław Michałowski, Rector of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin,  
  • Professor Jerzy Piotr Gwizdała, Rector of the University of Gdańsk,  
  • Professor Marek Rocki, Rector of SGH Warsaw School of Economics,  
  • Professor Andrzej Kowalczyk, Rector of the University of Silesia in Katowice,  
  • Professor Tomasz Topoliński, Rector of UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz,  
  • Professor Grzegorz Przebinda, Rector of State Higher Vocational School in Krosno,  
  • Professor Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht, Rector of Freiberg University of Mining and Technology – TU Bergakademie Freiberg,
  • Rev. Professor Antoni Dębiński, Rector of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin,
  • Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, Archbishop of Krakow,  
  • Tomasz Zjawiony, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice,  
  • Ho Chi Hung, AGH UST Honorary Consul, Vice-President and Secretary General of Vietnamese-Polish Friendship Society,  
  • Professor Dan-Maniu Duse, AGH UST Honorary Doctor.