Rector’s letter to AGH UST community on the occasion of academic year opening

Dear Employees and Students, 

We are about to begin a new AGH UST academic year, which brings us, as usual, everyday work and learning, but also a number of new challenges. However, I am sure the year will also be full of satisfaction, happiness, and success. It is also the beginning of a new term in office for the authorities of the AGH University of Science and Technology. In this year’s election, the AGH UST community entrusted me with the honourable and highly responsible office of rector. I would like to thank all the employees and students of our Alma Mater for their support and trust.

I would like the 2020-2024 term of office, which AGH UST enters with a high position, to be a period of our further development and growth. According to the adopted programme, it will be a period of further building of the AGH UST brand as a University of Values: a research university with a deep social mission that provides modern education to the best staff for the socio-economic environment, a Research University carrying out scientific research projects at the highest level, a leader of innovation and transfer of knowledge, as well as an attractive place of work and education for employees and students.

Certainly, we are going to face many serious challenges: continuous adaptation of the profile of education to the changing requirements of the economy, and actions taken in order to attract the best candidates for studies and doctoral studies from Poland and abroad. It is also the necessity to raise the scientific level and improve the perception of AGH UST around the world, the adjustment of the university structure to the current needs, as well as other tasks, but I believe that we will cope with them as one AGH UST family.  

We have started another academic year, which similarly to the previous semester will be marked by the coronavirus pandemic. This difficult experience left its imprint on all aspects of our life. The consequences of the lockdown are painfully experienced by the economy, industry, and education. As a scientific environment, in the last several months we had to redefine the key aspects of our activity.

Education took the form of distance learning. Scientific research activities became suspended or limited for long weeks. Universities became depopulated, and our fundamental activity changed the location to the Internet. Our universities could not have as guests outstanding scientists and researchers from around the world, and we were forced to cancel our visits and the exchange of thoughts, which is also the essence of our activity.

I think we came through this period largely unscathed, and at the same time it let us integrate our environment, encouraged new initiatives, taught us how to use new forms of communication, and once again made us aware how important it is for each of us to be involved in the matters of all community and society. Thank you for this commitment to everyone – teachers, students, doctoral students, and administrative staff.

We are beginning the new semester in a hybrid form. Students will attend classes, but unfortunately some of them will be taught distantly. Despite many limitations, we are open to you, and we listen to the needs of our entire academic community. We use our best efforts to provide education while taking care of health and safety, as well as the quality of the educational process. I am sure we will survive the most difficult period, at the same time strengthening the bonds that link us.

I wish you, despite a somewhat different form than before, an academic year that will be fruitful and advantageous, and one that will bring even more success both in professional and personal activity.

Traditional God Bless You for the coming year! 

Professor Jerzy Lis 
Rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology