First parts of production line put in place at the Mining & Metallurgy Brewery

The brewery’s installations being delivered to the STUDIO Club; photo by Mateusz Wójtów

The Mining & Metallurgy Brewery – the Brewhouse; photo by Mateusz Wójtów

The Mining & Metallurgy Brewery – the Brewhouse; photo by Sabina Szkarłat

The Mining & Metallurgy Brewery is getting ready for the launch of its operations. On 10 December 2019 the STUDIO Club saw a delivery of the brewhouse, which will constitute the core component of the beer production line. The first brewing has been scheduled for November 2019.

The fitted tanks that constitute part of the production line supplied by a global leader in the brewing sector – the Kaspar Schulz company – can be used to brew approximately 10 hectolitres of beer from one brew. The beer from the facility’s first brewing will be available for consumption at the end of this year.

The northern facade of the STUDIO Club has been specially designed to offer a better view of the Brewery’s eye-catching technology. Thanks to the glass wall, sunshine will be able to penetrate through all floors showing the two-level structure of the Brewery and thus creating a truly spectacular effect for the eye. 

The investment is financed from the public share issue that took place in June 2019. The action yielded PLN 2.5m contributed by 450 shareholders over a period of only one month. Almost all of the funds raised from the share issue have been earmarked for the purchase of the production line, which contains, among other things, a brewhouse, fermentation tanks or an installation for drawing beer straight from the tank.

The Mining & Metallurgy Brewery will be also developed as a scientific facility. Being an AGH UST Company, the Brewery is currently establishing cooperation with the University of Agriculture, Cracow School of Brewing as well as other European schools and colleges educating brewing experts. Plans are under way to organise joint research projects, a co-ordinated implementation of an educational programme as well as the transfer of knowledge and technologies between the partner institutions. The brewery has signed an agreement with Polish Hops seeking to rely on local hop varieties for its production process.

The Mining & Metallurgy Brewery makes clear references to the rich traditions combining beer making, mining and AGH UST, which is best demonstrated in the traditional approach to the celebrations held on the occasion of the Miner’s Day and the Steelworker’s Day.