Eco-friendly energy right in the city centre – wind turbines launched at AGH UST site

Vertical and horizontal axis turbines mounted on levels 7 and 8 of AGH UST Energy Centre Building, photo – AGH UST

Wind turbines equipped with additional measuring instruments, photo – AGH-UST

AGH UST Energy Centre has launched the Rooftop Wind Turbines Lab. Housed on levels 7 and 8, the turbines produce power which in an emergency can be fed into the university power grid.

Vertical and horizontal axis turbines, mounted on a dedicated industrial platform provided by AGH UST Energy Centre  are additionally equipped with measuring instruments. The research and measurement stand collects various data, including airflow parameters in the vicinity of the turbines, meteorological variables, noise levels, vibrations produced by the turbines or the power output generated.

The laboratory, which is connected to the outdoor stand, enables the research staff to view the turbines’ performance and read vital parameters, including wind speed and direction or power output generated by the turbines. These allow researchers to assess the rate of wind energy use and airflow behaviour in the vicinity of the facility. The results of conducted measurements will be used to develop guidelines for the use of favourable locations for rooftop turbine construction within the urban space. The urban wind turbine sector is being developed in large metropolitan areas like Dubai or London.

The turbines are important not only for environmental protection but also as an emergency power system serving as a backup for the institution. This additional application is further explained by prof. Mariusz Filipowicz of AGH UST Department of Sustainable Energy Development:
 One device, in favourable wind conditions, can generate up to approximately 1.5 kW power. In the event of power supply failure or shutdown the windmills are able to supply power to selected systems in the buildings.

Wind turbines are normally installed in locations free from housing or industrial developments and far from urbanised zones. The urban wind turbine sector in Poland is only in its early development stage.

As Mr. Filipowicz put it:
– AGH UST has embraced the global trends in the renewable energy sector by pursuing research into urban wind turbines. With our installation we aim to bring this idea to the attention of persons and institutions responsible for implementing renewable energy programmes. As an additional advantage, such buildings may be of interest in purely architectural terms.