Another winner of the POLS Competition to conduct research at AGH UST

The National Centre for Science has announced supplementary POLS Ranking (some applicants have withdrawn their projects from financing and so NCN went on to finance projects from the waiting list). One of the four winners is dr Anderson Ramidan Kohara, who will run a research project called: Production of particles and investigation of their correlations in high-energy collisions.

The project will involve investigation of powerful interactions that occur between the elementary particles of matter (quarks and gluons) and the theory behind them – Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD).

PhD Anderson Ramidan Kohara comes from Brazil. He received his PhD in physics from the Physics Institute at University of Rio de Janeiro. He is currently working at the National Industrial Development Service – Chemical and Textile Industry Technology Center (SENAI-CETIQT).

The researcher will receive a grant of PLN 525 000 (equivalent to EUR 119 560) to be spent on the research project. On the part of AGH UST the project will be supervised by Professor Piotr Kotko.

The POLS Competition is co-funded under the so called Norwegian Fund. It aims to promote research mobility and is addressed to scientists from all over the world interested in conducting research in Poland.

We note that the original ranking announced last December included the Italian geologist – PhD Fulvio Franchi and his project to be conducted at the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection.