AGH UST Fideltronik qualifies for European NXP Cup finals

photos – archives of the Student Special Interest Group of Electronic Engineers

On 4th April, 2017, the University of Ostrava hosted the regional preliminaries of the competition of autonomous vehicles NXP Cup EMEA 2017, at which the team of AGH UST Fideltronik took second place. The success opens doors for the students to the European finals. 

The competition NXP Cup of the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) has been taking place for several years – the event is entered by student teams representing their universities, and it is a regular tournament of electric vehicles capable of moving autonomously along a predefined path. 

The rivalry consists in developing a vehicle which is capable of covering a given track in the shortest time. The mobile platform, the same for all teams, has to be used to its full potential by adding additional sensors and developing steering software, which is based on a chosen microcontroller produced by NXP – the organiser of the competition and a leading producer of microcontrollers in the world. 

The vehicles move along the track in a fully autonomous way, using only information received by means of sensors, and the track itself is not known to the competitors until the preparation of vehicles has been completed. 

In the category of students teams in Ostrava there were in total nine teams from Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The AGH UST team took second place with the racing time of 10.9 seconds, coming just 0.2 second after the team from Ukraine, thus qualifying for the European finals, which will take place on 27-28 April, 2017, at the premises of NXP in Munich. 

Our university was represented by Rafał Mszal, Dawid Worek and Jakub Mojsiejuk of the Student Special Interest Group of Electronic Engineers at the Department of Electronics of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications. The supervisor of the team is Łukasz Krzak, MSc. 

The cost of participating in the preliminaries was covered from the Rector’s Grant for student special interest groups. The participation of the AGH UST teams in the competition NXP Cup EMEA, similarly to the previous years, is sponsored by the company Fideltronik. 

Results of regional preliminaries in Ostrava