AGH UST Graphic symbol

A graphic symbol best expresses the nature, type, and methods of operation of a university.

The AGH UST graphic symbol consists of an ideogram and a logotype. The ideogram comprises three parts, each of which consists of three longitudinal elements (stripes). Symbolically, it represents an eagle, which is an allusion and a simplified form of the university emblem. The ideogram has three colours: green, black, and red.
The logotype constitutes the initial letters of the university name. They are written in a font tailor-made for the AGH UST.

The AGH UST graphic symbol is the only sign used for the everyday visual identification of the university. It has replaced the AGH emblem in this role, which, in its current form, is reserved exclusively for promoting the history and scientific heritage of the university. It is worth noting that the graphic symbol is one of many in the array of elements of the AGH UST visual identity.
To fully mirror the university’s graphic style, the symbol should always be accompanied by the proper typeface, colour scheme, and specified fonts and compositional motives.

Promotional materials allow the use of the graphic symbol together with the full name of the university in Polish or English. The name itself might be incorporated symmetrically or asymmetrically in regard to the graphic symbol. In the symmetrical layout, the name of the University is placed below the AGH sign and centred in regard to the vertical axis of the ideogram.

The full Polish name of the University was designed in three versions: one-, two-, and three-verse layouts; the English one in two versions: one- and two-verse layouts. When choosing versions, keep in mind the size of the medium on which you reproduce the symbol and the compositional layout.