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Welcome Point at the AGH University launched

Colourful illustrative image representing the facades of the St. Mary's Basilica, the Town Hall tower, the Barbican, and the Main Building of the AGH University in a simplified version.

Welcome Point at the AGH University launched

In April 2023, the AGH University launched a Welcome Point. It is a place where all foreign guests arriving at the AGH University – both employees and students – will receive support and all the necessary details that will make it easier for them to move about the university and the city without difficulty.

The physical location of the Welcome Point is in the C-1 building (room 108). You can visit it between 7:30 and 15:30. You can also call or email the Welcome Point (including a contact via a chatbot). If you need more information, visit their website.

The Welcome Point allows you to contact a scientific supervisor at the AGH University and helps you make your first steps in Poland. As a visitor, you will receive all the necessary details related to the validation of your stay; you will also receive support in terms of the paperwork related to your trip, employment, stay, and lodging. Welcome Point employees will also help you adapt to the new environment and will share their advice on choosing the best healthcare options (also for members of your family) or nursery schools.

The official launch of the Welcome Point took place on April 19, 2023, during the international conference titled 'The Impact of Internationalization on the Openness and Tolerance of the University Environment’ that concluded the AGH UST Welcomes You project.