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LED-based smoothness of traffic

Road signs capable of reacting to external conditions such as the current weather or volume of traffic are quite possibly every driver’s dream – why should you wait for the green light when the road is empty? And how about speed...[more]


AGH UST Scientists will contribute to landing on Mars' moon

A team of scientists from the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering, in cooperation with the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences have undertaken a project called ‘LOOP – Landing Once on Phobos’. The research...[more]


Robot designed by AGH UST students will deliver parcels – on its own

AGH UST students designed an autonomous transport and delivery robot, whose function is to deliver parcels to specified addresses without human assistance. The device comes as a response to the needs of the quickly expanding...[more]


Eco-friendly energy right in the city centre – wind turbines launched at AGH UST site

AGH UST Energy Centre has launched the Rooftop Wind Turbines Lab. Housed on levels 7 and 8, the turbines produce power which in an emergency can be fed into the university power grid. Vertical and horizontal axis turbines,...[more]


Students of AGH UST designed the first Polish liquid-propellant rocket engine

Members of AGH Space Systems Student Research Association have successfully conducted a complete test of the first Polish full-scale liquid-propellant rocket engine. Officially called Zawisza, the engine constructed by AGH UST...[more]


Presentation of E-Moto AGH UST Motocross Electric Motorbike

E-Moto AGH UST motocross electric bike is the first of its kind to be constructed in the AGH University of Science and Technology. The use of alternative sources of energy to power it gives a definite advantage over the vehicles...[more]


AGH UST Racing Team Presents 4th Generation of a Racing Car

On 10 July, in AGH /UST Centre of Energy the 4th generation racing car built by AGH UST Racing Team was publicly presented for the first time. The latest model built by AGH UST students is an internal combustion vehicle and...[more]


Żabinskiite and maneckiite – new minerals to honour Professors

In the June issue of the scientific journal Mineralogical Magazine, two papers were published dealing with new minerals which were named ‘żabinskiite’ and ‘maneckiite’ by the submitting authors to pay tribute to the outstanding...[more]


Solar boat designed by AGH UST students presented in the bend of the Vistula River

AGH UST students have presented the final result of the project “AGH UST Solar Boat”. On 13 June, the first solar boat designed at the AGH UST was launched in the bend of the Vistula River at Czerwieński Boulevard. This one-man...[more]


Ericsson supports building AGH UST Solar Boat

The students of the AGH University of Science and Technology are finishing the project AGH UST Solar Boat. In July 2017, the one-man boat powered by solar energy will take part in the prestigious international challenge of solar...[more]

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