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Mathematical model to mould an implant to the bone

In the middle of the picture, there is a visualisation of a thigh bone in purple. The bone is represented on a navy blue background with blue squares sketched in the distance and a grid of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Bone tissue can change its structure multiple times during a lifetime, adapting to various loadings that our bodies may be exposed to. Implants can disrupt this natural process. Therefore, AGH UST scholars develop a numerical...


Personalised foot prosthesis for indoor climbing in development at the AGH UST

The photo shows a man on a climbing wall. The left foot of the climber is prosthetic.

AGH UST students develop a personalised foot prosthesis for indoor climbing. The solution under development is to answer the needs of Kamil Warchoł, an AGH UST student who, as a result of foot amputation, uses a tailor-made...


The future of nuclear power

In the foreground of the picture is a white inscription “nuclear energy” against a blue background. The text is inscribed into a hexagon. In the background, in a mirror reflection, a person in a blue suit, white shirt, and navy blue tie is pointing their finger to the hexagon.

‘Nuclear power buys us a lot of time to develop other technologies. These can include the renewables or energy storage, as well as the implementation of fast reactors that will allow us to close the fuel cycle. Perhaps one of...


Geological energy storage. The AGH UST co-implements a project for the European Space Agency

The photo shows two oil pumps working in a deserted district under the moonlight.

Can geological formations be used to store energy on Earth and other planets? Are such geological energy storage facilities an opportunity for the Polish energy transformation and space colonisation? These are the questions that...


Atom in the shadow of politics

‘While assessing whether the atom can be included in the taxonomy, the European Commission turned to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) for a scientific opinion on whether nuclear power can be treated as an energy source that falls...


Not only exhaust fumes are toxic. AGH UST scientists investigate the pollution generated by road traffic

The photo shows several cars from behind, driving in a line on the road, and the cars are close to each other.

Exhaust fumes are not the only pollutants generated by cars. Research by AGH UST scientists also demonstrates that other health-threatening products include, for example, particulates from the wear of brake pads. At the moment,...


Threats in cyberspace

The photo shows a faceless man in a hood sitting in front of computer screens and holding a mobile phone in his hand.

‘The Internet is currently treated as one of the dimensions in which there is war’, says AGH UST Professor Marcin Niemiec from the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics, and Telecommunications. The scientist, who deals with...


Ultra-fast camera – Polish input into high-energy astronomy

Graphic of duplicated title of the article.

The Cherenkov Telescope Array is one of the largest astronomical projects in the world, which aims to erect ground-based observatories for investigating high-energy gamma radiation in space. This great endeavour has engaged more...


Archaeological findings under laser light

The photo shows a round piece of jewellery, the circumference of which is adorned with eight ducks.

Land surveyors from the AGH UST, for 4 years, have worked together with archaeologists to document historical artefacts that were unearthed on the premises of a settlement which dates back about 2,000 years and is located on the...


Artificial, synthetic, or perhaps spintronic intelligence – what will substitute computers?

Traditional computers based on the von Neumann architecture are ineffective for new types of applications, such as pattern recognition or machine learning. In the future, we may want to turn to technologies that use the so-called...

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