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Air pollution before and during the pandemic. A comprehensive study of AGH UST employees

Battling air pollution is one of the greatest challenges of modern times. To do this effectively, it is crucial to know the enemy, which translates into collecting data on the concentration, composition, and sources of toxic...


A researcher investigates whether amino acids can inhibit the corrosion of medical implants

The photo shows a white woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. The upper part of her body is visible. She is wearing a white lab coat over a black blouse. White-spotted black sleeves of the blouse stick out from under the lab coat’s sleeves. The woman leans on a white benchtop with her right arm.

Working at a university provides great opportunities to thrive – says Dr Dominika Święch from the AGH UST Faculty of Foundry Engineering. In her work, she uses innovative spectroscopic methods to study modified metallic surfaces...


Thermal treatment of municipal and biomass wastes. Research of AGH UST scientists

A considerable percentage of all refuse in Poland is organic waste. How can we use it so that it doesn’t heap up in landfills? The answer to this question is offered by a research team led by Assoc. Professor Aneta Magdziarz, PhD...


Mixed reality can help detect neurodegenerative diseases

MR/VR goggles are devices that make it possible to accurately mirror the user’s movements in digital reality using a set of built-in sensors. Why not then use the processed signals in medical diagnosis? These were the exact...


NAWA Grants – foreign scientists to carry out research at the AGH UST

Two scientists from foreign research centres, the grant holders of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), will carry out research at our university as part of the third edition of the Stanisław Ulam Programme.


Gasars – ultralight materials for the space industry. AGH UST and IMIM PAN intensify cooperation

The Liquid Metal Engineering Laboratory was established at the Faculty of Foundry Engineering. The opening of the new facility was accompanied by the conclusion of an agreement on cooperation between the AGH UST and the Institute...


AGH UST scientists develop low-emission technologies of hydrogen production

The picture shows the symbol of hydrogen surrounded by white hexagons and wind turbines. There are also words such as green, hydrogen, renewable energy, and power. Dominating colours are: blue and green. The background of the picture features the shape of planet Earth with continents.

Reducing humanity’s carbon footprint is currently the most pressing and important challenge which the societies of both industrial and developing countries must face. To prevent rapid climate change, we should, among other...


AGH UST Scientists Examine Stone Sarcophagi

What secrets do they hide? Scientists from the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection try to answer that question. They, together with the creators of the History Hiking channel, have examined the von Magnis...


AGH UST Land Surveyors Verify Peak Heights. Why Do the Measurements Change?

On the left side, there is a GNSS receiver. It is the colour of steel and stands on a tripod. The AGH UST flag is wrapped around the tripod. The flag is composed of three horizontal stripes coloured, from the top, green, black, and red. The background of the photo constitutes a mountain crest. Granite rocks covered in green flora are visible. Above the mountain crest there is a blue sky, which is partly covered by white and grey clouds.

Scientists from the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering have measured the heights of the highest summits in Ukraine and the Crown of Polish Mountains. Their efforts, which have already been reported in the...


Graph Transformations to Help with Simulations of Pollution Propagation over Małopolska Province

The picture shows 3D simulation of air movement over the Tatra Mountains in Poland. The terrain is covered with a topographic mesh made of triangular elements. Lower parts of the mountains are coloured in blue and higher parts gradually change to orange. The northwest wind is marked with grey arrows.

How powerful should computers be to effectively predict the propagation of pollution throughout the territory of the Małopolska Province? A research group headed by Professor Maciej Paszyński from the Faculty of Computer Science,...

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