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Theses on space awarded by POLSA

Image of a satellite hovering in space over Earth

Photo source: Dreamstime

Theses on space awarded by POLSA

The awards of the President of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) for the best thesis in the field of space research went to the authors of engineering and master's theses written at the AGH University.

The first-degree award in the category of engineering and bachelor's theses went to Piotr Duszkiewicz, Eng. for his thesis titled “Wybrane fragmenty elektroniczne sterowania mikrosatelitą” [Selected electronic fragments of microsatellite control], whose supervisor was Prof. Andrzej Kos from the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics, and Telecommunications.

In turn, Filip Wylęgała, MSc Eng., for his thesis “Design of lightweight structures for space applications”, got the second-degree award in the master's thesis category. His promoter was Prof. Tadeusz Uhl from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics.

The competition was intended for university graduates and those obtaining doctoral degrees who devoted their theses and dissertations to space topics, such as issues in space research and the use of space, the development of space technology, including satellite engineering, the functioning of the space industry, the use of research and its results for applied, economic, defence, security, and scientific purposes.

Taken into account in the competition were bachelor's degree, master's degree (individual or team), engineering, as well as doctoral theses defended in September last year or later.

All laureates received cash prizes and the winners of each category will also have an opportunity to present their theses at one of industry events.

The results of the competition were announced during the UP! Student Conference organised by members of the Student Council at the Polish Space Agency and JoinThe.Space.