The AGH UST Student Construction Centre under construction

The new facility will open at the turn of 2022 and 2023

Photos by Zbigniew Sulima

The AGH UST and the Mostostal Warszawa company have signed a contract to erect the Student Construction Centre (SCK). The new facility will be the place to fulfil the innovative endeavours of our students from the project phase to the construction of the first prototypes. In the new building, students will improve their current projects, such as solar boats and airplanes, rockets, rovers, or autonomous vehicles, and create new ones.

‘The facility is being commissioned with our dynamically operating Student Research Clubs in mind. We should not forget that the AGH UST boasts more than 100 of those. Each and every one of them needs a space for creative projects. The Construction Centre will be such place for students, where they will be able to develop projects in interdisciplinary teams and put the knowledge gained during the course of their studies into practical use’, says Professor Jerzy Lis, the AGH UST Rector.

‘It is extremely important to us that future student projects are developed under comfortable conditions, in a sufficiently equipped place, in which students, under one roof, can verify their ideas and consult with each other. The Student Construction Centre is to function as a place to improve current projects, but also, and this is our greatest hope, as a birthplace of new ones, ground-breaking constructions in the field of space engineering, for instance’, emphasises Professor Rafał Dańko, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

‘The AGH University of Science and Technology is our long-term partner, which is confirmed by this contract. The construction of an important facility from the point of view of students is ahead of us, as it is here that they will be able to develop their skills acquired during classes. As in the case of previous investments carried out for the AGH UST, including the Sports Hall under construction, we declare our full commitment and the highest quality of construction work, says Maciej Sasak, Eastern Area Director in Mostostal Warszawa.

The project involves a division into design and construction sections, which will be distributed over two floors of the building. The usable area will be 1,322 m2. The design section is intended for student research clubs from across the university for students to perfect their projects. The construction section will be adequately equipped, facilitating the completion of projects in a creative form, thus using lathes, milling machines, welders, and printers.

The SCK will be located on the AGH UST Student Campus, in the near vicinity of the STUDIO Club and the Kotłownia Club. This will allow students to work at any time of day or night. The contract value is close to PLN 14 million. The new facility will open at the turn of 2022 and 2023.