ACK CYFRONET AGH has signed agreement with Aptiv

photo by Zbigniew Sulima, AGH UST

The AGH University of Science and Technology, ACK CYFRONET AGH and Aptiv Services Poland SA have entered into cooperation focused on the development of advanced active safety technologies. The agreement signed on 28 January 2019 will facilitate joint projects delivered in partnership with the region’s research and business establishments by investing in young talents and new technologies.

Under the agreement, CYFRONET AGH, which is currently one of the largest supercomputing and networking centres in Poland (leader of a consortium including WASKO S.A.) will provide Aptiv with computational and collocational services as well as data transfer, storage and processing. WASKO S.A. will deliver necessary infrastructure and technical know-how.  

Professor Kazimierz Wiatr, Director of ACK CYFRONET AGH, explained:  Our experts will handle specialist services, design, maintain and integrate infrastructure with computational systems and also offer computational support.

Aptiv, which is a leading global technology provider, regularly supports local communities. The partnership established with ACK CYFRONET AGH is another important step in building relations with AGH UST. As part of the existing partnership, the company’s laboratories housed in AGH UST employ about 200 students working on active safety solutions.

 Kraków is a classic example of Aptiv’s investment in the development of the region’s intellectual potential being aligned with support for R&D activity and local businesses – said Gabriel Buchała, Director of Aptiv Technical Centre in Kraków.

The agreement was not the only document signed that day between AGH UST and Aptiv. It was also on 28 January that 11 members of the Technical Centre staff signed Industrial PhD agreements related to AI and highly-automated (autonomous) vehicles. During the official ceremony, similar agreements were concluded with four other PhD candidates from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. Partner companies include Fideltronik, InfoConsulting Poland, STORK Instruments and POLKOM.

Tomasz Miśniakiewicz, President of Aptiv Services Poland S.A., said: – After 19 years of being present in Kraków, today we are opening a new chapter in our history. Aptiv Kraków already employs over 1800 engineers and 700 corporate specialists. We are investing not just in Polish talents but also – in Poland’s business eco-system.