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Photo source: Dreamstime

Image of planets in space with a satellite hovering over Earth

An international conference on new space and space technologies – the 7th Space Resources Conference. Towards Artemis Generation – will take place on May 23–24, 2024 at the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics. The organiser of the conference is the Space Technology Centre at the AGH University.

The Space Resources Conferences are organised to provide an open forum for discussion on the state-of-the-art technologies applicable to current challenges of space exploration and the use of space resources to improve the living conditions of humans and protect Earth’s natural environment.

All scientists, practitioners, students, representatives of companies, and local authorities, as well as government employees are more than welcome to join.

The presentations at the conference will take into account the issues and priorities of space research programs implemented within the European Union and beyond. This year's SRC is also dedicated to the Artemis programme.

This year’s conference will focus not only on future concepts and new visions. It will also look at how to adopt the current research results for space resource extraction, transportation, and manufacturing in space and how to develop settlements on the Moon and Mars.

Topics on the agenda will concern the following:

  • Artemis programme,
  • Earth observations,
  • space resources and deep space problems,
  • design and exploitation of space structures,
  • society and space, space education, sustainable development,
  • UNIVERSEH special sessions.

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