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Rector’s address to the AGH UST community

Rector’s address to the AGH UST community

Dear Sirs and MadamsMembers of the Academic Community

We are soon entering the second semester of the academic year 2021/2022. The depleting numbers of COVID-19 infections let us take moderately optimistic glances at the future. However, we cannot forget that the threat is still there and that the possibility of getting the virus remains real.

We are returning to normal functioning, possibly in all areas of university activity. However, we retain all the past solutions related primarily to maintaining social distance, wearing face masks, and disinfecting hands and surfaces. I urge you to take these restrictions to heart and follow them to ensure the safety of others.

I appeal to all of you for responsibility in any actions you take, as it has allowed our university to successfully withstand the past waves of infections. I hope that due to our responsible cooperation with one another, our university, this enormous organism, will soon be fully operational once again.

For the upcoming semester, I wish you, first and foremost, good health, because it is what allows us to prosper.

Professor Jerzy Lis
Rector of the AGH UST