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Image of an elegant man speaking to an audience

Inauguration of AGH Business School

Finally, after extensive efforts, the AGH Business School has officially been inaugurated. Operating within the [...]


Image of an audience listening to a lecture, in the central part of the picture, there is a student holding and reading a leaflet

Erasmus+ International Staff Week at AGH University

The third edition of Erasmus+ International Staff Week has come to an end. Last week, the AGH University hosted [...]


Poster of the 32nd GOCC finale

We play together! University auctions for the GOCC

Visit to specialistic labs, MetaLove workshops, recording of a podcast, flight with a light aircraft, ski tour – [...]


Image of the traditional ceremony accompanying St Barbara's Day in the main building of the AGH University; student representatives visible holding the university banner

St Barbara’s Day at the AGH University. Awarding of state and mining distinctions

The celebration of St Barbara's Day, which took place on December 8, 2023 at the AGH University, was a perfect [...]


Image of several light bulbs laid on a grey background with a large magnifying glass on the symbol of mercury in the centre

Map for cities without mercury – meeting in Krakow

The member institutions of the international Life Mercury-Free consortium, one of which is the AGH University, met [...]


A dark blue image with the name of the LIDER programme and two scientists standing in front of a device on the left side of the image

Innovative method for prefabricating pipes with LIDER programme funding

The National Centre for Research and Development announced the results of the the LIDER programme’s 14th edition. [...]


Building of the Faculty of Computer Science.

New faculty at the AGH University

From October 1, 2023, a new unit starts operating at the AGH University. To join the 16 existing faculties is the [...]


Prof. Jerzy Lis

AGH University Rector’s inauguration wishes

Ladies and gentlemen, Today, we commence a new academic year, 105th one in our history, which promises to be [...]


AGH Space systems

AGH Space Systems defend their title at European Rover Challenge

The AGH Space Systems team won the on-site formula of the European Rover Challenge 2023, in Kielce, thus defending [...]


Colourful illustrative image representing the facades of the St. Mary's Basilica, the Town Hall tower, the Barbican, and the Main Building of the AGH University in a simplified version.

Welcome Point at the AGH University launched

In April 2023, the AGH University launched a Welcome Point. It is a place where all foreign guests arriving at the [...]


Event logo and basic information.

European Economic Congress 2023

Three days of discussions on the most topical themes: war in Ukraine and its global implications, energy safety [...]


A colourful, abstract image that shows a room in cyberspace filled with geometric shapes lit from various angles.

RODBUK – a repository of open research data of Krakow universities

As a result of collaboration between six Krakow universities, on March 6, 2023, a repository of open research data [...]


AGH University research infrastructure in one database

An online database with the research offer of the AGH University was launched. The system contains information on [...]


A fragment of a computer keyboard. One of the keys is green and has ‘publications’ written on it.

Database of Authors and Publications

On January 16, 2023, the Database of Authors and Publications was made available. The updated version of the [...]


Professor Janusz Kowal minutes after being awarded the title with the epitogium pinned on a ceremonial burgundy toga.

Professor Janusz Kowal with the title of Honorary Professor of the AGH UST

Professor Janusz Kowal – a specialist in machine dynamics, vibroacoustics, and control theory – was awarded the [...]


Autumnal colours. The photo shows two students in new AGH UST e-Shop merchandise (an overhead sweater and a bomber jacket).

A new line of products in the AGH UST e-Shop

Just weeks before December, a month abundant in opportunities to treat oneself with gifts, the AGH UST e-Shop [...]


Portrait photo of Professor Jerzy Lis.

Rector’s letter to the AGH UST Community for the inauguration of the academic year 2022/2023

Dear Employees, Doctoral Students, Students, Pensioners, and Friends of the AGH USTWe are entering the new [...]


The photo shows a lecture hall. The seats are taken by students and the lectern by a lecturer.

The AGH UST launches the implementation of the University Educational Excellence project

This July, the Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN) announced the results of a call within the University [...]


The photo shows a lecture hall. The seats are taken by students and the lectern by a lecturer.

More than PLN 900,000 for the AGH UST within the POWER project

Our university will receive PLN 900,426 for activities within the “University’s Didactic Excellence” POWER [...]


image of the new sports hall, a black and white modern building

AGH University Sports hall – dream come true for active students

The AGH University has officially opened its multipurpose sports facility. New on the map of Krakow, the hall will [...]


Buy "apples from your neighbour"

Organic apples, pears, natural pressed juices straight from the Agricultural Experimental Farm of the University [...]


Photo by Zbigniew Sulima

Satisfaction and joy! New academic year begins

“Today, we begin the next academic year which promises to be more laborious than the previous one, but we are [...]


Most prestigious AGH University publishing achievements announced

Most prestigious AGH University publishing achievements announced (2023 edition)

The Rector’s Committee for Science decided on the winners of the competition for the most prestigious publishing [...]


Image of two puzzles with German and Polish flags

AGH University researcher to lead the Polish-German research work funded in Weave-UNISONO

Prof. Dr hab. Eng. Krzysztof Wojciechowski from the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics is now a laureate of [...]


Illustrative image. Scattered letters and a magnifying glass on a table.

Presenting the AGH Glossary

We encourage you to check out the AGH Glossary which is now available as a web application. It contains a [...]


AGH University starts implementing the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers

The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers are two of the [...]


Changes in traffic flow, parking restrictions on campus, and limited access to the A-0 building (March 24, 2023)

In relation to the celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET that will take [...]


Access to full texts from Bentham Science Publishers

The Main Library wishes to remind you about the possibility to access full texts from a multi-discipline [...]


A snowboarding female contestant going down a slope in a sports uniform, helmet, and goggles.

Winners of the AGH University Cup in Alpine Ski Racing and Snowboarding

Meet the winners of the AGH University Cup in Alpine Ski Racing and Snowboarding that took place on March 10, 2023 [...]


Abstract image showing a fragment of a statue of a man in a niche in a building. In the background, there are fragments of sentences from the university document in Polish.

New strategy of the AGH University of Science and Technology

The AGH UST Senate passed a resolution that introduces a new ‘Strategy of the AGH University of Science and [...]