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Crime scene analysis in practice. Field classes in forensic analysis on the AGH UST Campus

The photo shows a yellow police tape that says ‘Police line do not cross’ in black capital letters. In the background, without focus, there are trees, a paved alley, perhaps a park.

Photo: Dreamstime

Crime scene analysis in practice. Field classes in forensic analysis on the AGH UST Campus

On November 9, 2022, as part of the Crime Scene Analysis course taught at the Modern Technologies in Forensic Science field of study, a staged crime scene will be arranged on the AGH UST Campus. During classes, students will have the opportunity to participate in a staged investigation at a prearranged crime scene. Additionally, police officers from the Police Headquarters in Krakow will join our students on the scene.

The initiator of the classes is Lidia Dziedzińska, head of the Forensic Laboratory of the Police Headquarters in Krakow, who coordinates the Crime Scene Analysis and Introduction to Criminal Expertise courses. The two modules teach our students about the laws and regulations related to evidentiary proceedings and procedural and forensic actions, including examination, interrogation, and search. 

‘Performing a forensic analysis of a crime scene constitutes one of the most important actions within the set of reactions to a crime and influences the entire investigative process.A correct set of actions, complying with the latest scientific developments, allows us to find the perpetrator and successfully prevent crime’, emphasises Lidia Dziedzińska. 

The classes will focus on forensic analysis of the crime scene, evidence collection, and the methodology of the investigative process as fundamental forensic actions. Students will be tasked with performing analytical and inquisitorial activities, including the identification and collection of forensic evidence and the preparation of an inspection record of the crime scene. The crime scene itself will be staged between the new Faculty of Humanities building and the Main Library near 7 Reymonta Street. 

The Modern Technologies in Forensic Science field of study is coordinated by three AGH UST faculties: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics, and Telecommunications, and the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics. This field of study is also the subject of partner agreements with special forces – the Internal Security Agency, the Military Counterintelligence Service, and the Military Police.