Visual Identity Book

The Visual Identity Book is a simplified compendium of knowledge about the visual system of the AGH UST. It contains descriptions of fundamental identity elements, organises visual elements in order to create the University’s image accordingly, and lays down the principles related to the usage of identity elements used to promote the University.

Its chief objective is to create a coherent image of the University and protect it from unnecessary and unwanted changes. The Book contains boards with ready-to-use projects and schematics which serve as guidelines to solving specific project problems.

The Visual Identity Book is intended for every person involved in the implementation of the identity programme, e.g. promotion departments, administration, as well as designers, advertising agencies, and printing houses.

When creating new projects, one must not follow their own tastes. It is necessary to familiarise oneself with the aesthetical idea presented in the Visual Identity Book and apply the guidelines accordingly.

The Book comprises a complete set of ready-to-use versions of the AGH UST graphic symbol, which need no additional adjustments. These versions were designed in Pantone, CMYK, and RGB colour systems and were adapted to be applied in projects that use diverse printing and display techniques.


Graphic symbols are not to be copied or redrawn from the templates. On each occasion, they are to be reproduced as electronic files. The exception is copying the symbol in large sizes (large-format reproductions) – but only if, for technical reasons, using the symbol saved in electronic form is impossible.