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On March 25, 2023 at 20:30, WWF Earth Hour will take place, an initiative that promotes the idea of environmental protection. In Poland, the hour will be devoted to protecting biodiversity. The AGH University once again joins the initiative by switching off external lighting and dimming lights inside our buildings for one hour.

The WWF Earth Hour unites millions of people across the globe in a symbolic gesture of care for the future of our planet: for one hour, people on Earth switch off lights in their homes and various institutions turn off the lighting in their buildings. Each year, the initiative brings in several dozen million people and hundreds of cities around the world. In Poland, nearly 100 cities participated in previous editions, dimming or switching off the lighting or illumination of public facilities.

This year, the Polish edition of the WWF Earth Hour is dedicated to battling the fading of biodiversity, that is, the mass extinction of species. According to the most recent WWF Living Planet Report, over the last 5 decades, the number of species population decreased by 69%. Species go extinct, among other things, due to the endless expansion of humans into their territories. The key to protecting biodiversity lies in guarding valuable natural areas so that they are a safe haven for the animals that make them their homes. It is necessary to expand existing protected areas and create new ones.

If you want to know more about the very initiative, visit this website: