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Join us at the annual electrospinning conference to explore the latest advancements and innovative research in the field of electrospinning, presented by the leading experts and researchers from around the globe. Electrospin 2024 – 8th International Conference will be held at the AGH University on June 25–28.

The latest developments in technology related to materials engineering and nanofiber applications will be presented in two sessions focusing on biomaterials and other nanotechnologies with emphasis on energy and water harvesting. Scientists from around the world will have the opportunity to consult each other, discuss, exchange information and experience on the topic of interdisciplinary research.

Electrospin 2024 will include the following:

  • speeches by invited guests from around the world,
  • presentations of the results of work in materials engineering and bioengineering, as well as many other fields of science with the use of electrospinning and more,
  • a panel discussion on the commercialisation of nanofiber-based products,
  • presentation and discussion with an editor from Wiley, a multinational publishing company,
  • meetings with industry representatives,
  • meetings with suppliers of measuring instruments and equipment for manufacturing and characterising polymer fibers,
  • opportunity to learn about the latest technological solutions.

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