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Image of a futuristic-looking energy plant surrounded by nature
14th Polish Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals. Geotechnology and Energy Conference 2024
  • 22.05.2024
  • 24.05.2024

Two energy-related events are to take place on 22–24 May 2024 at the AGH University, namely the 14th Polish Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals and the Geotechnology and Energy Conference 2024.

Challenges concerning energy transformation, such as gaining broad public acceptance, demand an interdisciplinary approach and a contribution of experienced professionals from business, research centres, and scientific and technical associations.

The goal of the event is to put an emphasis on the social responsibility for the creation and implementation of the energy transformation process in Poland of the fuel and energy sector as well as relevant research centres.

The programme will cover topics related to hydrogen and decarbonised hydrogen fuels, renewable and waste fuels, storage of energy and fuels, resource-efficient economy, eco-friendly technologies in the refining industry, and climate change.

Moreover, the agenda also includes sessions by young professionals to stress the role of the young generations in shaping the future of the sector.

The event is organised by the AGH University Faculty of Drilling, Oil, and Gas and the Scientific Association of the Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians (SITPNiG).

More information and registration (in Polish)