AGH Doctoral School


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The AGH Doctoral School was established by Regulation of the Rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology of May 15, 2019. Education in AGH Doctoral School will start on October 1, 2019.


The main purpose of the AGH Doctoral School is to provide support in conducting the research needed for writing and defending doctoral theses in the following scientific disciplines:


1) Engineering and technology:
a) Automation, and electronic and electrical engineering,
b) Information and communication technology,
c) Biomedical engineering,
d) Chemical engineering,
e) Civil engineering and transport,
f) Materials engineering,
g) Mechanical engineering,
h) Environmental engineering, mining and energy,


2) Natural sciences:
a) Computer and information sciences,
b) Mathematics,
c) Chemical sciences,
d) Physical sciences,
e) Earth and related environmental sciences,


3) Social sciences:
a) Management and quality science,
b) Sociology,


4) Humanities:
a) Cultural and religious studies.


Recruitment to the AGH Doctoral School will start on July 8, 2019.