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Talks on internationalisation of science and higher education system at AGH University

Image of a group of people standing in a hall on stairs in front of a statue

Photo by Anna Żmuda-Muszyńska

Talks on internationalisation of science and higher education system at AGH University

Representatives of universities and institutions that carry out tasks related to the internationalisation of higher education and science on a daily basis gathered at the AGH University to participate in a joint discussion. The event was organised by the AGH University of Krakow and the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools (CRASP).

In attendance were representatives of Polish and Ukrainian universities as well as of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, Polish Academy of Sciences, British Embassy, Coalition for Advancement of Research Assessment – CoARA, and National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS.

The topics discussed included problems of international alliances of universities, relations with institutions established to represent countries on the international arena such as ministries and embassies, activities of Ukrainian scholars in Ukraine and abroad in the perspective of partnerships. What was also presented at the meeting were conclusions from an overview of models of academic international cooperation, the results of a survey of Polish researchers' opinions on individual and institutional aspects of the functioning of refugees, and the determinants outlining cooperation strategies between countries with extremely diverse systems for conducting research and providing education.

Photo by Zbigniew Sulima

Image of meeting participants sitting in groups at 3 long tables in front of a stage with presentation screens and a committee