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More small grants for AGH University researchers

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More small grants for AGH University researchers

The National Science Centre has just announced its 6th ranking list (the last one in this edition) in the MINIATURA 7 competition. Another five AGH University researchers have now joined the group of laureates. Owing to the grants, they will be able to implement single scientific activities, which will be of help in the preparation of the objectives of their research projects.

On the 6th MINIATURA 7 ranking list are the following scientists:

Dr Łukasz Farbaniec, Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science
title: Imaging of the spatial distribution of the temperature field on a scale of meso-structures in the near infrared [Obrazowanie rozkładu przestrzennego pola temperatury w skali mezo struktur w bliskiej podczerwieni]
type of activity: preliminary/pilot research
appropriations: PLN 49,995

Dr Filip Jędrzejek, Faculty of Energy and Fuels
title: Preliminary studies on an innovative method of the extraction of uranium from fly ash fractions for the production of nuclear fuel [Wstępne badania nad innowacyjną metodą ekstrakcji uranu z pyłowych frakcji popiołów lotnych do produkcji paliwa jądrowego]
type of activity: preliminary/pilot research
appropriations: PLN 49,830

Dr Paulina Lewińska, Faculty of Geo-Data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering
title: The use of short-range thermovision for monitoring ice calving and ablation [Zastosowanie termowizji bliskiego zasięgu do monitorowania ablacji i cielenia czoła lodowca]
Type of activity: research trip
appropriations: PLN 26,400

Dr Krzysztof Pajor, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science
title: The influence of founding conditions on the structure and mechanical properties of bulk metallic glasses [Wpływ warunków odlewania na strukturę i właściwości mechaniczne masywnych szkieł metalicznych]
type of activity: preliminary/pilot research
appropriations: PLN 48,400

Dr Małgorzata Zasadzińska, Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals
title: Analysis of the fragmentation process of eutectic copper oxides Cu2O under the influence of stress caused by extreme plastic deformation [Analiza procesu fragmentaryzacji eutektycznych tlenków miedzi Cu2O pod wpływem naprężeń wywołanych ekstremalnym odkształceniem plastycznym]
type of activity: preliminary/pilot research
appropriations: PLN 49,500

The MINIATURA 7 competition for scientific activities was open to researchers employed in Polish units who have the degree of doctor obtained no sooner than January 1, 2011. Owing to the funding from the National Science Centre (NCN), novice scientists can gain their first experience in grant implementation and will prepare the objectives of a research project which will be later submitted to the NCN competitions or other national or international competitions.

Applicants in the competition could obtain between PLN 5,000 and 50,000 to implement a scientific activity lasting up to 12 months. The resources in the MINIATURA 7 competition were divided in proportion to the number of months during which a call for applications was held. This edition’s closing call date was July 31, 2023.

The total value of activities in the 6th MINIATURA 7 ranking list amount to PLN 9,399,001. Throughout the entire competition, there have been 621 grants awarded for almost PLN 24,2 million.