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Evaluation of the quality of scientific activity

A close-up of a round inspection hole that allows us to see the inside of laboratory equipment. The central element is spherical with metal pipes spreading in different directions. A sample under investigation is inside the sphere. It lies on the bottom shelf (out of four).

The inside of an apparatus in one of the laboratories of the Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology. Photo: AGH UST

Evaluation of the quality of scientific activity

According to the results of the evaluation of the quality of scientific activity, our university received one A+ category, eight A categories, and eight B+ categories. Therefore, the AGH UST retains the right to confer academic degrees in all disciplines. Additionally, these high scores earned us the right to confer academic degrees in the Economics and Finance discipline.

17 disciplines have been subject to evaluation for the years 2017–2021. The Ministry of Education and Science has decided that the Physical Sciences discipline scored the highest A+ category in terms of the quality of research.

The right to apply for the A+ category applies to research units that had previously been classified within the A category. Furthermore, the evaluation considered the level of publications and implementation of research projects crucial to the economy or society.

Categories by discipline

Engineering and Technology

  • Automation, Electronic and Electrical Engineering – A
  • Information and Communication Technology – A
  • Biomedical Engineering – A
  • Chemical Engineering – B+
  • Civil Engineering and Transport – B+
  • Materials Engineering – B+
  • Mechanical Engineering – B+
  • Environmental Engineering, Mining, and Energy – B+

Social Sciences

  • Management and Quality Studies – B+
  • Sociology – B+
  • Economics and Finance – A

 Natural Sciences

  • Computer and Information Sciences – B+
  • Mathematics – A
  • Chemical Sciences – A
  • Physical Sciences – A+
  • Earth and Related Environmental Sciences – A


  • Culture and Religion Studies – A

The evaluation of scientific activity includes achievements of employees, their publications, ongoing grants and research projects, as well as the overall level of the scientific activity.

Professor Marek Gorgoń, Vice-Rector for Science, emphasises that ‘The results of this evaluation corroborate the high level of research carried out at the AGH UST. Disciplines in four science domains have been evaluated. These included: Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences, and Humanities. We boast an unparalleled research staff potential in numerous disciplines – even hundreds of scientists in the largest ones; we also have an excellent research equipment base. I extend my thanks to all people invested in the preparation of the evaluation process, but most of all to the entire scientific community and highly qualified technical and administrative specialists supporting it. All of them, through their input, have contributed to the overall success of our university”.