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Education programmes supported for the needs of industry

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Education programmes supported for the needs of industry

Nearly PLN 12 million from the European Funds for Social Development programme will go to the AGH University for the development and modification of educational programmes for key industries in the country. The project for modern professionals entitled KOMPAS AGH will be implemented from January this year to October 2028.

Among the tasks planned by the university the most important are:

  • the creation of four new second-cycle degree programmes for the transportation and energy industries,
  • the modification of 11 fields of study related to transportation, RES, aerospace, energy, agriculture and food industry,
  • comprehensive support for students (i.e. additional trainings, including those with the participation of employers, professional internships, study trips to leading industry centres) aimed at acquiring competencies and qualifications related to the field of study and the needs of industries identified as key and affecting the development of the economy,
  • support for students in filling the knowledge and competency gaps through the implementation of additional remedial classes,
  • support for staff by training and study trips to improve knowledge, qualifications, and competencies in the areas of teaching, digitisation, green transformation, universal design, substantive areas related to the implemented teaching process.

The following faculties will participate in the KOMPAS AGH project: Geology, Geophysics, and Environmental Protection; Geo-Data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering; Foundry Engineering; Non-Ferrous Metals; Energy and Fuels; Mechanical Engineering and Robotics.

The total value of the project is PLN 12,235,987.50 and the funding from the European Funds amounts to PLN 11,865,987.50. The application was prepared by the Centre for Project Management Support in cooperation with selected university faculties.

As many as 23 applicants will obtain funding in the competition organised by the National Centre for Research and Development within the programme entitled European Funds for Social Development for the years 2021-2027. The granted funds will aid higher education institutions in aligning their educational offer with the needs of economic development and green and digital transformation. This concerns fields of study related to key industries, such as renewable energy, agriculture and food, space and aviation, transport.

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