Quantitative MRI, precise measurements inside the human body

17 października 2019 r. o godz. 14.00 w sali audytoryjnej ACMiN AGH odbędzie się Środowiskowe Seminarium Fizyki Ciała Stałego i seminarium Akademickiego Centrum Materiałów i Nanotechnologii AGH.

Referat pod tytułem „Quantitative MRI, Precise Measurements Inside the Human Body” wygłosi prof. Stephen E. Russek (National Institute of Standards and Technology w Boulder, Colorado, USA).


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is transitioning from a qualitative to a quantitative imaging technique that can precisely measure many parameters within the human body. These measurements include tumor volumes, blood flow and perfusion, changes in water diffusion in healthy and pathogenic tissue, proton spin relaxation times, temperature, magnetic susceptibility, and tissue electromagnetic properties. For these measurements to be useful clinically, in disease studies, and in clinical trials, the accuracy and reproducibility need to be determined. Here, I will present NIST work developing standards to help validate MRI-based measurements, determine their accuracy and site to site comparability. Tissue is inherently a very complex material and reference standards need tissue mimics that exhibit realistic complexity and heterogeneity. I will discuss the development of tissue mimics, including mimics of brain tissue with nano-iron deposits that are correlated with stroke and neurogenerative diseases. Finally, I will discuss magnetic nanoparticle contrast agents for low-field MRI that give extremely large positive contrast, as opposed to the usual negative contrast seen at high fields. These agents may be able to provide functional information that will give low field MRI unique capability to compensate for its reduced signal-to-noise and spatial resolution.

Miejsce: ACMiN AGH (ul. Kawiory 30, bud. D-16), II piętro sala audytoryjna 1.02A