Seminarium ACMiN: Nanodiamond magnetometry for real-time free radical detection in living cells

Akademickie Centrum Materiałów i Nanotechnologii AGH zaprasza na seminarium, które odbędzie się 16 grudnia 2021 r. o godz. 14.00 w formie zdalnej, na platformie UPEL.

Wykład zatytułowany „Nanodiamond magnetometry for real-time free radical detection in living cells” wygłosi dr Aldona Mzyk (University Medical Center Groningen, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Groningen, Holandia).

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Free radicals (FRs) are omnipresent and one of the key players in the ageing process and development of various diseases. Despite their relevance, information about FRs is sparse and therefore their use as clinical biomarkers is very limited. Since FRs are short lived and reactive, it is challenging to detect them with the state of the art methodology. In order to understand the multiple functions of free radicals in cell biology, our group has developed a new technique called diamond magnetometry. It is a type of nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, which allows us to detect free radical generation in real-time at the single cell level with nanoscale resolution. In my talk I will show how our work opens a new perspective to explore unknown aspects of oxidative stress and brings potential for an early stage disease diagnostics as well as testing of the newly developed drugs.