Seminarium ACMiN: High magnetic field compatible InSb nanowire hybrids

Akademickie Centrum Materiałów i Nanotechnologii AGH zaprasza na seminarium, które odbędzie się 18 listopada 2021 r. o godz. 14.00 w formie hybrydowej: stacjonarnie i na platformie UPEL.

Wykład zatytułowany „High magnetic field compatible InSb nanowire hybrids” wygłosi dr Grzegorz Mazur (QuTech and Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Holandia).

Udział stacjonarny: ACMiN AGH, ul. Kawiory 30, bud. D-16, sala audytoryjna 1.02A na I piętrze

Udział online: https://upelagh2.clickmeeting.com/acmin-seminar 


Semiconductor nanowires coupled to superconductors are promising candidates for realizing topological superconductivity in solid state systems. A limiting factor for InSb/Al based hybrid nanowire systems is a rather narrow parameter space defined by small superconducting gap and resulting modest magnetic field resilience. I will discuss opportunities for increasing field compatibility of InSb/Al hybrids by lifting the Pauli limit within the superconducting segment. In a 3-terminal geometry, we explore the induced superconductivity in the bulk of hybrid nanowire by means of non-local conductance measurements, while simultaneously probing local density of states at the nanowire ends. The combination of high-mobility semiconducting wires and a field-resilient superconductor allows us to probe properties of InSb/Al hybrids in the presence of high Zeeman field, a potentially interesting region for realizing topological superconducting phase.