„Metamaterial: A new and amazing absorber” – seminarium ACMiN

Akademickie Centrum Materiałów i Nanotechnologii AGH zaprasza na seminarium, które odbędzie się 12 maja 2016 r. o godz. 15.00.

Referat zatytułowany „Metamaterial: A new and amazing absorber” wygłosi prof. Vu Dinh Lam (Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam).

Miejsce: ul. Kawiory 30, bud. D-16, sala audytoryjna ACMiN (s. 02A).

„Metamaterial: A new and amazing absorber”

Since the very first idea of negative refraction proposed by V.G. Veselago in 1968, metamaterials nowadays have become one of the most exalted research topics in the world owing to their fascinating properties and wide-range application capability. As a particular branch exploited by Landy et. al. in 2008, metamaterial perfect absorber (MPA) has been of interest due to the fact that it can absolutely absorb electromagnetic waves in a structure far smaller than the operating wavelength. In Vietnam, the first researches on MPA have been deployed at the Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology since 2007. In this report, we present the basic principles of wave absorption in metamaterials and review our recent progresses of MPA researches on structure optimization, multiple bands performance, broadband performance, high frequency performance, polarization insensitivity and isotropic absorption. The study method is systematically constructed on physical modeling, simulation design, sample fabrication and experimental verification. The results showed a great potential of a new materials generation with absorption property can be arbitrarily tailored.